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  1. ericgillian

    Make $20 today.

    This is a E-Book that shows you how to make money today on affiliate links.
  2. Honeybadger

    VIDEO: How To Build High Converting Landing Pages!

    I found these 4 amazing ecommerce conversion optimization tutorials on You Tube channel of Landing Page Guys
  3. Nizar Ali

    Official Today's Hack: 7 secrets of Reddit

    Very Positive or Very Negative posts perform significantly better than Neutral ones on Reddit Datastories analyzed 4 million data points to see what makes it to the front page of Reddit: #1. 5pm - 9pm PST is the hottest upvote time. #2. Images get much more upvotes than text posts. #3. Very...
  4. PropellerAds

    Meet Up Free Seminars for Affiliate Marketers

    Affiliate World Asia conference is just around the corner and we still have more surprises to share... Join us at the conference and attend free seminars by PropellerAds traffic experts! We’ll dive into methods for getting maximum performance out of Push Notifications and introduce our new...
  5. Bloody Tourist

    FREE crypto trading video course

    Hey Fixers, A buddy of mine recently launched his 100% free crypto trading video course on youtube. There's a lot of crappy courses out there by people who have no clue what they're doing and still charge hundreds of dollars. This dude was fed up with that BS and decided to pass his knowledge...
  6. Evelyn

    How To Create a Native Ad Campaign at TrafficStars

    Everyone knows Native Ads are the 2018 trend you can’t miss – in the adult business, more and more publishers are choosing Native over other types of advertising everyday. To help you make the most of your advertising investments, we’ve put together a tutorial explaining how to create a native...
  7. Stencil

    Official Pinterest Webinar {FREE}

    A few days ago, there was a Webinar where Pinterest got interviewed by Tailwind. Should answer quite a lot of questions, so I thought i'd share it. There were a couple of other webinars, but these were not made public and not sure if and how I can share them here. either way, enjoy.
  8. Evelyn

    The Only Native Ads Guide You Need!

    We’ve written the Native Ads Guide to end all native ads guides! So, if you still haven’t started with Native Ads yet, or you want to scale up your native ads campaigns, you’re in the right place. In this guide you’ll find: an overview of Native Ads and their benefits, a step-by-step tutorial...
  9. Mobidea

    Webinar: Getting Started with Mobidea

    Hey guys! I'm happy to announce that Mobidea will be giving a webinar really soon! If you are one of our followers on Affiliate Fix you will definitely be curious to check it, since the host is someone you see answering questions and sharing Mobidea insights here on Affiliate Fix - me! In...
  10. Kennedy Ijeh

    Hello Everyone.

    Hello everyone. I need a little help. Recently ive decided that I was going to start taking affiliate marketing seriously. Ive done mlms and other affiliate marketing ventures, but have ALL failed. Well after reflecting on my failed attempts I decided i had to figure out what was wrong. To start...
  11. Gutomb

    Hi everyone, I like knitting by day but CPA by night!

    Hi to everyone here on Affiliate Fix, nice to be part of a community of like minded people, money getters. Im here to learn and implement new and fresh strategies on CPA marketing, I have done some in the past but really sloppy as it was all instructions that today no longer convert. So thank...
  12. Elite Affiliates

    $1200 Bi-Weekly With Content Locking?

    Hey Guys, this isn't bragging - I want to help ANYONE that's struggling - so please don't hate on me!! Adgate Media are an incredible incentive CPA network, that I've been working with for a long time. The earnings below were achieved using content locking! :cool: They have some great...
  13. DEADZ

    My Method For Building Up Twitter Accounts for free/cheap + Monetization

    Hey guys, I have this method posted on other forums. Thought i'd also share it here: This is the first of (hopefully) many Social Media guides that I'll be posting. Enjoy! Hope it helps someone: Some of my stats: (p.s. link clicks are low because I don't any links, those clicks are usually...
  14. kenaki

    How to Use Monetizer

    This is a quick guide on how to use Monetizer. Full disclosure, I work at Monetizer, so I will ensure this is just a tutorial of how to use it, and how to get the best out of it, and not a review. That being said, I have been using the system since before I worked for the company, and continue...
  15. C

    [GUIDE] Best way to run dating/adult CPA offers via TrafficJunky

    Alright guys, here I am again with another guide, this time for the adult niche for those of you interested to run some 'hot' offers ;) Not many people like to talk about adult but that doesn't mean you should not do it ;) there is some insane money to make, and the best way to get started is...
  16. Mobidea

    Exoclick – How to use the SmartCPM tool

    Wanna know how to take advantage of the SmartCPM tool on Exoclick? Then just read our post on the Mobidea Academy! The Mobidea Crew (TMC)
  17. CashflowChase

    Follw me and my journey with a 1 Month test run!!!

    Check my profile for my test site. I was told I am missing a lot of basics I figured I start by going through my list and going for low competition keywords . So if any ideas or suggesting even things I'm missing please feel free to tell me.
  18. oleg_ua

    [Guide/Ebook] Promoting Niche Software Online

    Hey guys! To anyone well familiar with affiliate marketing and looking for new niches to operate in! A good friend of mine runs a performance marketing agency. They have recently conducted a research on new niches where their clients can look for new possibilities and shared with a me an...
  19. cabref

    [Tutorial] Single Optin Landing Page with Mailchimp API

    Hi guys, this is my first post here! The goal: Create a "single optin" list from a html Landing page using mailchimp API. What we need: Hosting account Text editor (notepad++ is free and easy to use) Image editor: (photoshop, gimp, etc) Landing page and Mailchimp Api Files (included)...