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My Method For Building Up Twitter Accounts for free/cheap + Monetization

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Hey guys,
I have this method posted on other forums. Thought i'd also share it here:

This is the first of (hopefully) many Social Media guides that I'll be posting. Enjoy! Hope it helps someone:

Some of my stats: (p.s. link clicks are low because I don't any links, those clicks are usually from on other accounts retweets)



Automating Follow/Unfollow for Free/Cheap:
1. Sign up on Tweepi
2. Connect your Twitter account.
3. Find a VERY popular Twitter account that is in the same niche.
4. Go to follow people in tweepi and follow all the person's followers.
- (If you do not want to manually click follow all the time download this extension: Tweepi Bulk Default Action (aka Select All) but this might lead to account problems if you overuse it. So be careful)
5. Repeat everyday until you hit the limit.
6. Now leave the people you followed a few days to follow you back, if they don't. Unfollow them all auto (you can do it too in Tweepi).

To speed this process up I suggest buying 5k followers. This increases the number of people that follow back.

Setting your account on AutoPost:
1. Signup for IFTTT
2. Connect your Twitter Account
3. Use this recipe: Automatically retweet the text of new tweets from a specific Twitter account
4. Under the recipes advanced settings:
Fill in a popular twitter account with the same niche as you.
Under "What’s happening?' make sure that only "Text" is filled in.
5. The more accounts you retweet the better your impressions and engagements.

Using Trends to get more followers:
1. Find trends that "just started trending" or have just a few hours trending.
2. Find a GIF/Image/Video or start a poll(set duration to 7 days) related to the topic and tweet it.
3. Buy 500+ Retweets + Likes on Seoclerks for $1
4. Wait 24 hours and watch your tweet rank in trending. Which brings you followers.

Setup accounts to AutoRT your main account:
1. Create new twitter account.
2. Follow your main account with new account and create a private list and add your main account to the list.
2. Signup at
3. Connect your new twitter account.
4. Once logged in, under "Lists" add your new twitters account name + list name you just created. No need to add keyword.
5. Click on the new link behind "lists" to edit. Set maximum per hour to 10.
6. Repeat whole process to increase number of Auto RT's.
Why not IFTTT? Because IFTTT reposts your tweets and doesn't actually retweet. Roundteam retweets.

Using AutoDM to boost engagement!
Crowdfireapp is a good app/website for this. I use a text like this "hey, thanks for following. If you quote my tweets and add something funny, I'll retweet you".

Allot of people will start quoting your tweets and you'll see them in your notifications. Now all you have to do(if you have time) Retweet all of them. Why? Because this fills all your followers timelines with your tweets but they're quoted by other users. Which make it seem as if you're popular and people will want to get it in on the engagement. So more people will start quoting you.

Using #'s in IFTTT
Add 4-6 #'s related to the account you're retweeting. (if it's funny tweets, use #'s like: lol, rofl, funny, comedy, etc) behind the "Text" part in the advanced settings of your recipes. This will get you more impressions and also engagement. With a chance of ranking your tweets under the hashtags.

How to monetize with CPA

Let's take for example the Iphone Giveaways niche. You can use videos like this:

(just search youtube and use the filter to find short videos) and download it using clipconverter. (you can make the video shorter. I usually do 30-40 secs) Upload the downloaded video to twitter and add your promo text + cpa link.

Now that your video is tweeted. Click on the 3 dots at the bottom of your tweet and click pin to your profile page. Now when people visit your viral twitter. The first thing they will see is your cpa promo.

If you plan on doing more than 1 of these. You can use the new "Moments" feature twitter has. Create a moment. Add most of your top tweets to the moment and add 1 video(you have to tweet them first) in between every 3-5 popular tweet. Add a nice title and description to your moment and pin this to your profile. Now everytime a user browse trough your moment. They will see your promo. And better yet. When people retweet your moment. You get even more impressions.

How to monetize with MyLikes, Skylikes, Maxflow, etc
Once you registered and got your domain on mylikes. Publish allot of their links to your domain. (when you first click on the link you want to share, it asks you to publish and then share, publish only) After you've published at least 30. Go to your domain link. You'll find all the posts you just published. Open each one and copy the links to a notepad or text file. Now use IFTTT or Grabinbox to schedule tweets containing these links. Set the schedule to tweet a link or two every 2-3 hours. Allot of work but it pays out in the end:

Also Consider:
Automation software like massplanner: Using more accounts at once. 25-100 accounts on autofollow/unfollow and set to like and retweet your main account(s). This will speed up your growth and results like hell!

Create a gig on seoclerks or fiverr to sell tweets/retweets/shoutouts services. Here's an example of the prices of my services:
The AutoRT service is simple. Someone buys, I add their account to a list and set my account to autort 1x per hour on Roundteam.
(you can also create a service on marketplaces in forums)

If you're a member of clicksure. There's a offer called ICE9 which is free to join and has upsells which get you $250 per sale. Grab a video from youtube showcasing money results. Upload and pin on your twitter profile and promote. (this can be done with any affiliate product, this is just an example)

Hope this has been helpful.

More HQ posts to come

You can ask me anything in the thread below and I'll be more than happy to answer! I have different accounts in different niches and monetise them all differently. So you can ask me anything guys.
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Do you have any good facebook method as i see u mastered the major platforms

Thank you for this valuable guide

Thanks mate.
I actually wrote a guide for facebook which I sell yes.

Short story: I grew a page from 0 to 160k+ in 4 months, without any investments, all organic. Wrote a guide. Selling it. Started 2 skype groups. Grew a bunch of pages. Sold 2 big pages to JukinMedia. You can see stats here:

Organic Likes in 4 months:
Organic Reach in 4 months:
Organic Views in 4 months:
What most weeks look like:

I still haven't learned how to grow stat instagram accounts with 1m+ followers though. The most I've had was 247k. But that's gone.
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