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  1. A

    How can I collect data from Twitter for my project?

    I am in search of a tool that can help me extract data from Twitter
  2. A

    How can I download social media data for analysis?

    Is there a tool that can help?
  3. A

    Is there a tool that can help me export Twitter data to an excel sheet?

    How can we extract Twitter data?
  4. caitlykdavis

    Which is the best Twitter automation tool in 2022?

    Are there any suggestion?
  5. caitlykdavis

    Is there a free way to track followers growth over time on Twitter?

    Need suggestion on some good tools. If you have any idea please suggest
  6. I

    Suggest programs or services for parsing Twitter subscribers

    I need to collect, for example, a million subscribers from 1 twitter account. What programs and services are there? To make it as cheap as possible
  7. Honeybadger

    How can I find a list of bots that auto re-post?

    Is there a method to find lists of social media accounts (from networks listed below) that have scripts set to automatically re-post specific tags? Facebook Instagram TikTok Twitter Pinterest
  8. Honeybadger

    Top 50 Most Visited Websites in the World

    Visual Capitalist posted a list of the world's 50 most visited websites, seems to be based on 2020 research View the full list --> Ranked: The 50 Most Visited Websites in the World Some interesting statistics Google and Google-owned YouTube (together) receive more monthly visits (127 billion)...
  9. Honeybadger

    What happened to Trump's @POTUS account?

    What has Twitter just done to the @POTUS account? Reads @POTUS hasn’t Tweeted When they do, their Tweets will show up here. That is lies by Twitter @POTUS posted every single day They have deleted very important historical record I am not pro or anti Trump Some...
  10. Gennaro E Turco

    Anyone need help with social media marketing?

    Good day! Social Media Marketing has been my specialty in my overall marketing experience, in several different industries and niches, for 10+ years now. You remember MySpace? Yes, that's about when I started, Make it a GREAT day! :):cool: * EDITED BY ADMIN :affiliatefix: *
  11. trafiii1

    Hello everyone

    I apologize for the English is translated I'm from Venezuela and I know little about this beautiful language. I already have a couple of years in the cpa but little by little the methods have been falling as everyone will know, mainly I worked with twitter but it is already very limited, the...
  12. D

    Best PPC Site If I Have Large Twitter Following(s)?

    Best PPC Site If I Have Large Twitter Following(s)? What should i do? I want a site like DViral yet pays better. I can get like 25k+ Clicks on a month on Twitter. But i dont htink the pay is well. Whats a good PPC site. I mean a site that pays you for direct clicks. Not like adsense.
  13. Claire Harbour

    Tip for affiliates doing flight claims

    Follow Twitter accounts like which have up to date info about airlines affected by delays. How can this help you? Well, If TUI is mentioned, for example, bids can be increased on the keyword for the next few days to capture as many valid delays as possible.
  14. Graybeard

    Twiiter posts keep referring

    I am redoing one of my seldom active domains that was just being used as an image redirection URL from Twitter. A few ... that post is over a year or two old ... I was surprised ... This makes me rethink about the value of Twitter (adult cams ;) ) 1 68.43.xx.xx - - [07/Feb/2018:19:12:02 -0500]...
  15. Kalu Onwuka Goodness Urum


    Good day every body in the house, My name is Kalu I am a lecturer and a skill acquisition trainer in an N.G.O. organization called Helping Hands International where I lecture over fifty people three times in a week every Monday's Tuesday's and Wednesday's for one hour on any of my lecture days...
  16. Alex admitad

    Ask Me Anything How to validate ad spaces in social media and YouTube

    admitad has a tool for the validation of ad spaces on popular social networks and YouTube channels. Now if you add a profile, community or social media application as your ad space from social media or a YouTube channel, you’ll have to validate that you own it. This update drastically...
  17. D

    Selling Social Services! YT, FB, Twitter, views, plays, votes , shares etc

    Social Services! YT, FB, Twitter, views, plays, votes , shares etc Are you ready to boost your social presence?? You can get more info on BYWEX's SMM PANEL. What kind of social services do we offer? API ready panel with multiple payment options + Drip Feed on many services + Schedule...
  18. Alangile

    Advise guide about Twitter?

    Advise guide about Twitter?
  19. Bob Tom

    Looking For Looking for Social Media Experts of FB, Twitter and Pinterest

    Are you a skilled social media marketer and confident to boost the social engagement (Like, Share and Comment) on either one of FB, Twitter or Pinterest? If you are, please contact us via for more details.
  20. kaybee1


    Hello house, please I need the list of some of the CPA network that accepts Twitter traffic. Not paid Twitter traffic this time buy sending traffic to offers tweeting the offers on twitter with link directed to the offer . Thanks.