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  1. Zeydoo

    Guide Driving traffic to finance offers: vertical overview + tips from media buyers

    Finance vertical in media buying is one of the most stable branches with big volumes, high rates and the opportunity to get the ROI you expected every month. In Zeydoo we deal with thousands of conversions in finance each month and are ready to share our experience. In this article you’ll see...

    Ask Me Anything A step-by-step guide to set up a tracker

    Hi there! We decided to write a series of articles on how to work with the mVas vertical using push traffic. Here is the first part with a step-by-step tutorial on how to set up the tracker and postback. Why use tracker and postback? Let’s go over some theoretical points first. Most newbies...
  3. MarketCall

    Official Guide: Pay Per Call offers and traffic sources combination

    Hey everyone! Pay Per Call is not an easy niche, but with the right approach, it is one of the most profitable ones. Many new affiliates do not know where to start and usually get lost in the variety of tools. Today we're going to share the combinations you can apply in Pay Per Call and show you...
  4. MarketCall

    Official Alternative traffic sources for Pay Per Call offers

    Hey everyone! In recent guides, we've looked at different ways of running traffic with Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Today we'll discuss other traffic sources which are also popular with our affiliates. We will list both the advantages and disadvantages of each source for American Pay Per Call...
  5. ericgillian

    Make $20 today.

    This is a E-Book that shows you how to make money today on affiliate links.
  6. MyLead

    GUIDE: How to make money using Mobile Rewards?

    Mobile Rewards is a mechanism that in some ways looks a bit like an exchange transaction. How does it work? The app user performs an action from the list to receive a reward specially prepared by the developer. Completion of the task generates profit for the application owner, and at the same...
  7. Steve @ Voluum

    Your Ultimate Guide to Affiliate Marketing

    Well hello there! The word is finally out: our first ebook on affiliate marketing has been released! You can grab your own free copy here. Since you read this you've already done the first best thing you could to start in affiliate marketing - you've joined the community. Download this...
  8. 8020 Master

    Which one is better for conversions: email marketing or social media marketing?

    The case is clear for EMAIL over social: • 57% of email subscribers spend 10-60 minutes browsing marketing emails during the week. (ChoozOn) • Knowledge workers on average spend 13 of their working hours each week in their email inbox. (McKinsey & Company) • Email is 40x more successful at...
  9. Phill AdsBridge

    AdsBridge&LuckyOnline manual

    Hi everyone! We know that taking your first steps in affiliate marketing can be difficult. That's why are eager to share the manual we created with LuckyOnline. This video will be interesting mostly for newbies, who are searching for tracking solution and affiliate network to start working...
  10. T

    Need Help With FunnelFlux (Reading Stats)

    Hey everyone! I've just started using Funnelflux a few weeks ago. Problem is, I don't know how to read the statistics reporting properly and there are things that don't make sense to me in the reports. Ultimately what i'm trying to figure out is... which of my landing pages have the higher...
  11. Shim333

    Hello, I want to help you making money online

    Hello, im shim333. Im 22 years old and trying to help people to make money online. I got a amazing blog where i post Full Guides, Tips and Tricks on how to make money online mostly about Affiliate Marketing. * Some content removed by Admin * .
  12. Justyna Zeropark

    Zeropark's Guide To Push Creatives

    Hey guys, we've studied the trends in push ads' campaigns to bring you this little guide. Even though there are plenty variables in affiliate marketing, this rundown of trends should give you a good starting point when thinking about the creatives for your campaigns. This guide was originally...

    3 quick Questions please

    1- If the campaign does not convert, how much time (or days) do I need to leave before stopping it? 2- What are the reasons why the campaign does not convert at all? 3- If you tried 10 campaigns, no one converted. What will you do?

    [FREE e-Book] Trending Advertising Formats 2019

    The end of a year is the perfect time to review the trends of the affiliate industry and to make some predictions. Download free e-Book “Trending Advertising Formats: 2018 — 2019”, and learn the major trends in online advertising shared with you by top-performing Ad Networks and industry...
  15. TravelingAffiliate

    Ask Me Anything How I make More Than $100k In 2018 !Guide and More!

    So after I had a success with ItsCanadaTime affiliate program - You can watch my success thread here,:):affiliatefix: - I wanted to show some more details from my last 4-5 months, including September and October. *My Earnings in the last 4 months with ItsCanadaTime* *The report from...

    How to Convert Popunder Traffic?

    Hey AffiliateFix Community! Our RedTrack team decided to prepare a most comprehensive walkthrough of Popunder world for you: we investigated the market, interviewed PropellerAds, the leading Popunder Ad Network, and put it all together in this guide. By the end of this guide, you would receive...
  17. René Wagner

    AdsBridge Guide

    Hi Guys, does anyone knows a good guide for tracking with Adsbridge? Thanks alot!
  18. iHunt

    Any Guides Here On Amazon Affiliate?

    What’s up guys! Sorry if there’s a thread already on the topic; I searched but couldn’t find anything relevant. ****** Are there any guides that are beginner friendly to learn the amazon affiliate program? My long term plan is to become great at affiliate marketing. First, I want to...
  19. I


    Hi, everyone here! am a bit new not too new (like new know what I mean) with affiliate/CPA marketing, set up few campaigns (ran into a loss...-$3600) not profitable now left with $1000 to do it better. I wish to go far but right now am scared of losing this $1k but not afraid of...
  20. Stencil

    Official Pinterest Webinar {FREE}

    A few days ago, there was a Webinar where Pinterest got interviewed by Tailwind. Should answer quite a lot of questions, so I thought i'd share it. There were a couple of other webinars, but these were not made public and not sure if and how I can share them here. either way, enjoy.