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Ask Me Anything How I make More Than $100k In 2018 !Guide and More!

Discussion in 'Success Stories and Bragging' started by TravelingAffiliate, Oct 29, 2018.

  1. TravelingAffiliate

    TravelingAffiliate Affiliate affiliate

    So after I had a success with ItsCanadaTime affiliate program -
    You can watch my success thread here,:):affiliatefix: - I wanted to show some more details from my last 4-5 months, including September and October.

    *My Earnings in the last 4 months with ItsCanadaTime*

    *The report from ItsCanadaTime, regarding Lead To Sale Rate*

    From my side, I have learned a lot with ItsCanadaTime, Especially because they have an amazing team of Online Marketers.

    The main points that I have learned with them are:
    - Mind Set.
    - Banners Creation.
    - Creatives Angles.
    - Landing Pages.

    And now, after a year that I am working with them, I have managed to put in front of me few KEYS TO SUCCESS, at least in the way I see it.

    1) Consistency - no matter what you do give it time, don't get conclusions after 1 week, 2 weeks, and in some cases not after a 1 month.
    Try to set your self a budget for 2 months, if you can spread it evenly through this time no matter if your budget is 100$ a day or 5$ a day.

    2) Communication - a lot of affiliates think they can get success by themselves, but if you already signed to an affiliate program, and you see that your affiliate manager is trying to help, use it.
    Fu*K, I see so many affiliates that ignore or just don't use the tips.
    Just read the god damn thing and use it!
    Also be a friend with your affiliate managers, they are most of the time nice guys like you, that trying to do money online - damn, they might be your best friend.

    3) Goals - something that a lot of people are already known, but forget to do so, like me sometimes.
    Find and Put your self some goals to aim for - House, Car, Freedom, Vacation, luxurious etc.

    4) The Right People - for me it's something hard to do right now, but I do believe in that.
    We need to surround ourselves with people who have the same goals and mindset like us.
    From one side to find those people, and in the other side to push from us the people who keep us from getting the success, or people who are pulling us down.

    So the goal here is to help people to generate success:
    For me to generate 5 figures each month is huge, I wish to grow that, but till then it's crazy that I reached that point that I can go to a luxury
    vacation every 3 months, and start thinking about investing my money somewhere like real estate or anything else that can help me make more money - make the money work for me and not me working for money!

    For those who want to make the first step, start DOING!!!
    I also put the link for the guide that I am using in my signature.


    ** PS, I am working on an online course that I want to launch soon, this course will help people to generate success with Online Marketing and Affiliate Marketing - upon completion, it will be available for sale in AffiliateFix Marketplace.

    Those who are interested in purchasing that course, I w


    Good Luck and enjoy guys.​
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  2. Voluum
  3. kata

    kata Affiliate affiliate

    Your explanation above is like a representative who gives an explanation to its affiliates.
  4. TravelingAffiliate

    TravelingAffiliate Affiliate affiliate

    Thank You?!?!

    I am not sure what are you trying to accomplish with this statement.
    But actually, there is no explanation just sharing my experience with them.
  5. johnnynight

    johnnynight Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks Pro Munch..!

    You keep doing great things..!
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  6. TravelingAffiliate

    TravelingAffiliate Affiliate affiliate

    Appreciate that!
  7. game333

    game333 Moderator moderator affiliate

    I found a hidden gem here in Affiliatefix OMG! Bookmarked.

    Every points you mentioned there hits me.

    I don't used to believe in things like mind set, but just recently I started to read books.

    It inspires me especially this sentence,
    "When you read, you skim the surface, but when you study, you discover the treasure within the context of the words."
    - Book, The Successful Student How To Excel Using the Best Study Techniques and Strategies - Patricia Ikiriko

    There ARE differences from watching others and experimenting yourself.

    Mind you guys who just sweep scanning the words, he's saying is really true.
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  8. TravelingAffiliate

    TravelingAffiliate Affiliate affiliate

    Like that bro.
    Thanks for sharing!

    And appreciate your support
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  9. Netuno98

    Netuno98 Affiliate affiliate

    This is so awesome!
    I always wanted to know people who can make good money with affiliate marketing without really having to brand themselves as experts or big brands on the subject

    I always thought we had to put ourselves out there in public to be known and attract lots of sales.

    and I see you are making good money. Are those 17k comissions from 1 thing only? I never heard of this itscanadatime

    Looks like a immigration service. I wouldn't even know where to find people for that haha

  10. Firebreathz

    Firebreathz Affiliate affiliate

    Will look into this, thanks
  11. damncoldnight

    damncoldnight Affiliate affiliate

    Next year, 'how I make more than $100k in 2019 via online course I made'

    Edit: For those who wants to learn about internet marketing. Here's a great free course: stoppingscams[dot]com
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  12. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    I never talk too much about money on a public forum -- does the tax man monitor these boards? Who knows?
  13. Swjedinight

    Swjedinight Affiliate affiliate

    congrats! I love finding different offers to promote and make bank! I do this kinda thing all the time.