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  1. MonRays

    Official Monetization of Traffic +20% to Income: How does it work?

    Monetization of Traffic +20% to Income: How does it work? Hello, Team MonRays here! What if we told you that even with stable profits and high ROI, you might not be maximizing the potential of your traffic flow and there's an opportunity to earn even more? No, you won't need to expand your...
  2. J

    Seeking Help Monetize the Backend

    Hello Dear Affiliate Friends, I'm Jason and I come from broker affiliate and just getting started with adult cpa offers. First I want to thank you guys for the help to this point. I have now set up my traffic sources, tracking, created my creatives and choose an offer at Crakreveue i want to...
  3. J

    How can I market my book?

    I have a book with a way to profit how I can market it
  4. iMonetizeIt

    iMonetizeIt rewards for your success

    Hi everyone! Good news for all affiliates and partners who monetize traffic through our CPA Marketplace.We’ve launched a rewards program for you, and it started a couple of days ago! Based on your earnings at iMonetizeIt, you will be granted with valuable gifts. Gift cards, innovative...
  5. Ayush

    What arWhat are the best PPC Sites for publishers.

    I want to know that which PPC site is best for publisher.
  6. S

    (Help) SMS Payment Portal For WordPress

    Dear fellow marketers! Looking for more information and if possible your thoughts on a good free or paid SMS payment portal plugin for WordPress. Why needed My mother want's to launch a WordPress website where people can come for help or when they want to talk to someone when they are having...
  7. Nataliya

    Affiliates Wanted MAC traffic - up to 50% Rev. Share + PPL

    Do you have Mac OS users traffic or know how to generate it? I have an offer to monetize it promoting photo software for Mac: - 20-50% Revenue Share - $0.35 PPL (CPI) A wiiiiiiide choice of optimized creatives and link tools at your disposal. More info on our PAGE - don't hesitate to apply ;)
  8. DEADZ

    My Method For Building Up Twitter Accounts for free/cheap + Monetization

    Hey guys, I have this method posted on other forums. Thought i'd also share it here: This is the first of (hopefully) many Social Media guides that I'll be posting. Enjoy! Hope it helps someone: Some of my stats: (p.s. link clicks are low because I don't any links, those clicks are usually...

    Announcement SuperLink - the remnant traffic monetization solution from Tapgerine

    SuperLink - the remnant traffic monetization solution. Tapgerine presents the own solution for back traffic monetization – SuperLink. It has the fastest optimization process to target the necessary geo, device, OS and filter the offers to bring you the highest profit available. Forget about...
  10. P

    Announcement PopunderZONE Official Ad Network for Adult & Non-Adult websites approved

    PopunderZONE is the one and only PREMIUM POP-UNDER AD NETWORK ! PopUnderZONE offers cost per view services and you will get the maximum amount of money each time one of our ads is displayed to a visitor of your website. Join now - popunderzone com Our features for publishers...
  11. toledotoledo

    Hi folks! Greetings from Adzol Media, and myself

    Hi AffiliateFix community, Been lurking for a while, thought it would be time to get into it and be an active member! I'm here both as representative of Adzol Media, as well as by my own accord. Been working with mobile app markets and platform development for a long while now, so I'll be...