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[GUIDE] Best way to run dating/adult CPA offers via TrafficJunky



Alright guys, here I am again with another guide, this time for the adult niche for those of you interested to run some 'hot' offers ;)

Not many people like to talk about adult but that doesn't mean you should not do it ;) there is some insane money to make, and the best way to get started is via TrafficJunky.

In my opinion and experience, they are the best platform to get started with, they have a lot of traffic in a lot of verticals, GEO targeted, web/wap, straight/gay/tranny etc, you name it.

Now, the thing here is that a lot of people still have issues with the setup and process of going from zero to hero, so this is how you create campaigns the right way, following easy steps. (it's not the only way though)

First of all, English, or non english? Chose your GEO wisely.

There's a lot of competition already in adult for T1 GEOS and they are quite saturated (US, CA, UK, AU) but this doesn't mean they can be profitable since they have some super volumes to handle the saturation.

Actually, many people find US easier to run than most of the major volume euro countries (France, Germany) and LATAM (Brazil, Mexico). Obviously, if you're European based and can speak fluent then following your native language is your best option as you can use slang on your landers which does increase profits dramatically in most cases.

Let's choose US for the sake of this guide

Now that you've chosen your country, Get on a call with your affiliate manager at your favorite network and ask for a list of the top 3 dating/adult offers for US (if they have a KILLING offer just run that one).

Tracking: Use cpvlabs or imobitrax for your campaigns

Landing page Vs Direct Link: ALWAYS LANDING PAGE (this is what makes the real difference in the adult industry)

It's time to crank your favorite adult spy tool and get some inspiration for your campaigns.

Try to always look for the past 7 days (maximum 14 days) as this is the most fresh content. Take a look at what landing pages you find along with the style and angle, this is the best indicator that lander "X" is definitely working, especially if its been used for the past 7-14 days as not many affiliates will run in negatives that long.

BE DIFFERENT! Take a look at every single detail, what color are the landers? do they use countdown or any other on-page script? geo targeted, city targeted? what about the pictures? multi step lander (ie survey)?

Once you get some landers, use your favorite tool to rip them (hhttrack for windows, sitesucker for mac) and change pictures, tracking links, etc with your favorite HTML editor (I use dreamweaver for this job) but if you are not tech savvy, just hire someone in upwork or any freelance site.

Have 2-3 landing pages edited and ready to upload to your server for your campaign to split test

Now that you've got your landers ready in place, it's time to work on your banners. You can also get them with your favorite spy tool. When running on TJ, try to run a top right square, Video A or B but not both! always split test! and a footer square (you'll be surprised how profitable they can be).

Always use animated banners where you have the option to do it.

Using your favorite ad spy tool, find 4 - 10 popular banner ad styles that have been running for quite some time.

Here's where you need to be different, you're going to change up the images to ones that you find out there (think like someone who's watching porn lol) go to for the cute babes and do google searches of "slut galleries' 'milf galleries' '' cartoons -

Then create 5-10 banners of each style with new pictures so we have 20-30 in total for testing.

When uploading the campaigns, if you have big budget go straight to youporn, pornhub etc.

Always check the inventory they have and go for the less exclusives instead if your budget is limited.

A cool trick for tracking your ads and staying organized is by simply using some abbreviations like this: PH-A-1 which means pornhub video A ad 1 or T8-TR-4 which is tube8 top right ad 4. A simple ctrl + f in cpvlabs or imobitrax (or any tracking tool you use) will highlight all these and then its easy to optimize from there.

Bids: Always try to remain in the top 5 spots (top 2 for lower volume countries)

Optimization Process:

Let your campaigns run for a whole day first, and if you have statistical difference, just turn off the lower performing offers and leave the best offer running.

After this, just leave for another 48 hours, until you are left with the best landing page that you are split testing. Turn off the bad performers and from this moment, monitor the best performing banners over the next day.

Don't go on optimizing best banners from the beginning of the campaign. Try to filter banners according to what converted best over that next 1-2 day period after you have split tested your landing pages.

This process will get you in profit in a couple of days and with the monstrous volume of adult you can make up your losses very very quickly.

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Tarun Reddy

Awesome Share.

I just wanted to get started promoting dating/adult SOI offers.

According to you the best way is to spy and find landers/banners?

It will be great if you can suggest some landers/banners as examples, which convert.


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
wow, Carlos. I worked for TJ for over 7 years... that is a really solid guide my friend! If only we knew someone who could provide killer offers that convert super well on adult

More Money

Good information - I got mostly everything but my question would be are you running a single campaign for each offer. ex: 3 banners - 2 landers -1 offer (3x) or are you running it all in one campaign like 3 banners 2 landers 3 offers?


awesome guide, but there's a issue here, i have downloaded a question based lander from spy tool and then uploaded it to hosting & on the last question i hooked up my offer link, so that it can go to that. so my site was something like i.e www. 00000000 .xyz/ and i put it on campaign url. but the advertiser BANNED my account. This was so strange for me, I did this after reading the guide "dont use direct link, instead use lander" so i did. iam confused with tracker i cannot setup it. can someone help where was the problem. the geo was DE and ad network accepts those offer for traffic and do provide the adult traffic.