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[Tutorial] Single Optin Landing Page with Mailchimp API

Discussion in 'Guides, Case Studies and Tutorials' started by cabref, Oct 26, 2015.

  1. cabref

    cabref Affiliate affiliate

    Hi guys, this is my first post here!

    The goal: Create a "single optin" list from a html Landing page using mailchimp API.


    What we need:
    • Hosting account
    • Text editor (notepad++ is free and easy to use)
    • Image editor: (photoshop, gimp, etc)
    • Landing page and Mailchimp Api Files (included)

    Let's do this:

    First of all,
    download the zip file and extract it to any folder in your desktop. (From this post)

    1.- Creating the landing page:

    You need to open the html file with your text editor and edit some basic sections. (Is preety easy to understand where you need to edit).

    Edit the file "index.html"

    Search for

    Replace with your title.

    Search for:
    Replace this text with your product or offer!
    and... Replace this text with your product or offer! :)

    Search for:
    Privacy text<br/>
            "Secure info" text
    Replace with something like "we respect your privacy".

    Note: the background and button images are located in the "images" folder.
    You can create new images with photoshop/gimp and replace them. (remember to keep the same filename or edit the html )

    background: url(images/back.jpg)
    All Done. Save and close the html file.


    2.- Edit the file "config.inc.php"

    Add your Mailchimp API key and your List id:
    (go to mailchimp and click on the list you want to use -->settings-->"list name & defaults"

    //API Key - see http://admin.mailchimp.com/account/api
        $apikey = 'YOUR API KEY';
        // A List Id to run examples against. use lists() to view all
        // Also, login to MC account, go to List, then List Tools, and look for the List ID entry
        $listId = 'YOUR LIST ID';
    All Done. Save and close the php file.

    3.- Edit the file "MCAPI.class.php"

    Search For:

    Replace with
    All Done. Save and close the php file.

    4.- Edit the file "mcapi_listSubscribe.php"

    Search For:

    Header("Location: http://google.com");
    You will see the google url. You need to replace that with your "thank you" page or any other url you want to redirect your prospect.

    All Done. Save and close the php file.

    5.- Create a folder at your server and upload all the files and image folder.


    Send your prospects to yourdomain.com/yourfolder and you're done!
    Each time a prospect fill the email form, will be silently added to your mailchimp list!


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