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  1. Nuwan Senanayake

    Postback url

    im promoting a cpa offer in mobidea network, want to configure postback url in bemob tracking platform. Who can assist with me that?
  2. Nuwan Senanayake

    Best tracking software for newbie

    what is the best tracking software for newbiew, i found that clickmagick wont allow to run adult and make money online offers . Please advice....
  3. bruce bates

    Are there any history based trackers?

    Honestly I haven't used tracker services in a long long time. I find building my own tracking gives me the information I need whereas tracker services don't or at least they didn't last time I tried them. Its fairly common knowledge that a person doesn't take action on an ad the first time they...
  4. R

    Offer Link Question

    Hello, Here is an example offer link I received from my affiliate network..{campid}&aff_sub={trafficsource}&aff_sub4=179556805843224&aff_sub5={ClickID} My question is after inserting the link into my tracker would I change the...
  5. M

    Need help setting up Affiliate Tracking links, will pay $$

    Hello, I've run campaigns previously so I have experience setting up links but I've had setting them up. I'm looking for someone that can help me setup my tracking links in my tracker( bemob) with my affiliate network and my traffic source ( taboola) through a skype call. I will pay $ for this...
  6. C

    Tracking Links Never Working To App Installs

    This has been an issue ever since i started i work with over 10 different affiliate networks and every time i try to promote an offer using the tracking link it never goes to the actual app store like its suppose to to download the app why is this?
  7. Andre Houston

    Which Click Tracking software you guys use?

    What's your favorite "Tracker" software? may i ask why you use it? Is it pricing, limits, product plans..?? Your feedback is much appreciated. Have a wonderful day/night.
  8. jowel

    New affiliate programs have been added into Nifty Stats

    Dear users, We are constantly adding new affiliate programs to Nifty Stats, this month so far: Turbo Casino, C3pa Publisher, Flirt Cash, Gym Partners, Nerdy Dollars, PopCash Advertiser API, Untold Casino, Find Bride, armstrong affiliates, niteflirt, la france a poil, wyylde (netech), redaptive...
  9. jowel

    Affiliates Wanted for affiliate stats tracking software

    Looking for affiliates! Promote Nifty Stats on your website and get paid for it. Get 20.00% commission on every sale you refer INCLUDING REBILLS! What is Nifty Stats ? Nifty Stats is a desktop utility, which automatically in regular intervals downloads the stats from your affiliate programs...
  10. TheDanmit

    Tracking after custom redirection to offer

    Hello Guys, So let me describe to you my current issue. I send people to my landing page where they can join my list and if they do, they are automatically redirected from my landing page to the offer. And here is the problem after this redirection I'm not able to tell who converter, I cannot...

    [Webinar] Guide to Affiliate Campaign Tracker - June Update

    Hi, all the AffiliateFix members! - Use as your tracking solution of choice? - Want to know all the newest features and latest changes we have? - Or just looking for a ‘no-brainer’ affiliate and performance campaign tracker? Then we invite you to join our webinar “Guide to...
  12. Olesya

    Universal App Campaign - LINK

    Hi guys! How can I add an affiliate link to Universal App Campaign in Google Adwords?
  13. TheDanmit

    Leads Gate and tracking

    Dear Fellows, I need your help because I'm currently stuck and I don't have clue how to track at least keywords which lead to form submission at leadsgate. I have google analytics and bemob for use. I assume that such tracking should be possible with google analytics too but I'm not able to...
  14. Phill AdsBridge

    Review NEW! "OneLink" technology to build SmartLinks platforms.

    Let’s talk “smart” Smartlinks are the best way to ensure a smooth user journey towards conversion. They engage and lead the audience through various paths to highly relevant offer. Let’s say a user clicks on your app but it’s not there due to incorrect device or geo. If you set a smart link, it...
  15. dontbejello

    Newbie just got behind the wheel.

    Hello Everyone, follow me on my journey, please! I swear with all the research I have done to get back into marketing. I still feel dumb as hell... So this is what I know as a whole ✔Offers. ✔ Niches, ✔Keyword search. Longtails ✔Seo one week of research on that. Talk about a waste of time on...
  16. thoithien1993

    Offerstester,com - Best Tool For Checking CPI Offers Tracking Link !

    Hi everyone, Did you try ? I think it's best tool for checking tracking links. You can register free here : offerstester(.)com and check your offers daily. I suggest you should to try it. if you want discuss about offerstester , feel free to discuss with me here ! Best regards, Lee
  17. hamid

    Adding TraficHaus [Trafic Source] To Voluum

    Hey Guyz I Searched for it but did`nt get any tutorials . so i tried my self and added it successfully . ok here is the the steps . 1 Go To Your Voluum Account >> 2 Click Traffic Sources >> New Traffic Source . 3 A Window Will Pop-up at Right Bottom . 4 On Name Write : TrafficHaus . 5 Copy...
  18. D

    How is conversion tracked in e-mail marketing?

    Greeting fellas! Happy to join this community. I recently started in affiliate marketing. I am primarily active in e-mail marketing of affiliate offers. Most of the e-mail offers take recipients to landing pages where they do registration. I was wondering, how is lead conversion/acquisition is...
  19. Latifab

    a problem with Cpaway

    Hello everyone It's actually my first post in affiliatefix forum , I am happy to be a momber here . however I got accepted by Cpaway network few days ago and I decided to start my CPA journey , after I chose an offer and created my landing pages and banners I was going to promote with paid...
  20. Yvon

    The Link on Your Landing Page to the Aff. Network

    Hello all. I am using Adsbridge as my tracking tool. My question is this: When I build my landing page and place the code that leads to the affiliate network is this going to be: a naked link with my affiliate link from my affiliate network or is it a link generated by your tracking tool...