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Adding TraficHaus [Trafic Source] To Voluum

Discussion in 'Tracking' started by hamid, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. hamid

    hamid Affiliate affiliate

    Hey Guyz

    I Searched for it but did`nt get any tutorials . so i tried my self and added it successfully .
    ok here is the the steps .

    1 Go To Your Voluum Account >>
    2 Click Traffic Sources >> New Traffic Source .
    3 A Window Will Pop-up at Right Bottom .
    4 On Name Write : TrafficHaus .
    5 Copy your url link from traffichaus account . which is palaced at Tools >> Track Conversions >> Get Server-to-server code .
    6 you will see url look like this >> http://syndication.traffichaus.com/adserve/postback.php?pid=(your_pid)&trans=[TRANSACTION_ID]
    7 so just put url look like after replacing your PID >> http://syndication.traffichaus.com/...ction_id}&id={cid}&zone={zone}&ad={ad}&value=

    **xyz is your personal pid in the url .
    --ok ?

    now put this tokens while clicking on advanced and click Save :)


    Yahoooo You Done It :)
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