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  1. K

    4 Platforms That Got Me Lots Of Traffic And Conversions

    There are a few platforms that make it relatively easy to get lots of traffic. These sorts of platforms could be really helpful if you focus on posting more of helpful content. So, let's dive into it. 1. Medium: Medium is the first platform I use to drive traffic and get some conversions...
  2. U

    Seeking Help Is Affiliate Marketing Dead in 2023?

    Paid Traffic is saturated. Finch Sells doesn't buy traffic anymore, he does seo now. So if someone as talented as Fich doesn't buy traffic because it's not profitable anymore, what's the chance of suceeding for the rest of us? Charles Ngo, IAmAtilla, and many others don't run paid traffic...
  3. Shifat2858

    Best paid traffic sources for adworkmedia offer.

    Can anyone suggest me the best cheapest paid traffic site under $100 deposit facilities for adworkmedia cpa offer.
  4. Tshepo Slavo

    New here!

    Hi Everyone, Tshepo here! Really excited to be here. For some reason I feel like I will get the answers I have been missing as far as affiliate marketing is concerned. What I would like to learn most about is CPA MARKETING, how to start with a low budget. I hope I will find some help and...
  5. Adam777

    I need to know about TacoloCo

    I want to buy push traffic from TacoloCo for promoting my dating smartlink. Anyone here who had previous experience about TacoloCo services.
  6. Adam777

    What's the best paid traffic provider

    I want to promote my adults dating smartlink from my affiliate network. That's DOI and GEO worldwide. Now I want to buy adults dating traffic for sign up. Anyone can help for giving me advice what is/are the good paid dating traffic provider.
  7. Susan

    Buying Traffic Looking for Sweden Nutra paid traffic

    Hi Guys, if you have Sweden Nutra traffic let me know ;)
  8. T

    My lesson after failing few campaigns

    I've read about affiliate years ago but actually just take action last month because since my lovely son came to our life I feel quite bored in my 9 to 5 work and don't want to live far away from my family. I want to find a new way to make money from my home. My first campaigns targeted about...
  9. T

    Using VPS or CDN when promoting with popup and popupunder ads like poppa's

    I've read many replies in many forum that we should (or must) use VPS or CDN to put our landing pages on when promoting with popup and popupunder ads (like on popads, zeropark) Can someone explain more details about this. Is that because of the speed of Shared Hosting is slow? If so, how much...
  10. T

    Promote mobile CPI offers on Airpush

    I've just started to promote mobile CPI offers on Mobile Advertising Networks. The first network I selected is Airpush. After finishing all campaign's set up, my campaign got rejected with the Reason: "Unable to get the desired landing page. Please provide a screenshot of the landing page along...
  11. Zahid Hussain

    Best Desktop Display advertising network for leads

    Hello Every one, Please suggest me a good display advertising network for leads... :)
  12. margo09

    How Much Would It Take ?

    Hello guys, I'm new to affiliate marketing. I have been inspired to jump in to this business by a native of my country, that had started from scratch and created his wealth that now he's living a luxury life in Thailand. (Cheers for him for making it by the way) I just want to be like him or...
  13. gregplatt

    7search send me Fake clicks

    Hello earners, Actually i have very bad experience with 7search ads, i got an account and spent money ,my first campaign got 26 clicks with no conversion even a single click for the landing page button ! so i thought it's my fault and i let this campaign run for 4 days and every day i got...
  14. Aissam El Hani


    Hi, I am a new to the CPA field. I have learned a lot from videos, articles and guides. The only missing thing now is taking action. I have a clickbank and MAxbounty accounts. I know the latter is better but I want to start as little as 10$ investing. Any pieces of advice will be so much...
  15. Nemesis

    How to run Direct Linking Campaigns on mobicow

    Making a full ebook, will be back up soon.
  16. S

    Buying Traffic Can any one let me know the good and relevant ad networks or traffic(non adult) source for India Geo

    Hi All, I want to use paid traffic to our website drive conversion. Can any one tell me different different ad types with ad platforms or traffic sources for india geo?
  17. Afitgirl

    Can you use a shortner for a bing/yahoo ad?

    I would like to promote a couple of email submits to generate some clicks and conversions. Would like to get started fast, is it ok to direct link to a one-page email submit?
  18. H

    Best way to promote Gambling (Casino/Poker/Betting) CPA's?

    Hi guys, as the title says already, could anyone tell me how to promote Casino/Poker or Betting CPA offers with paid traffic? Maybe some offers (I've seen that from 888poker as well as 888casino which pay fairly high)? Traffic sources? (I cannot run it on Bing or Google because of their terms)...
  19. goblog

    [ASK] help me about SEO.

    hello guys. I want to know and want to learn how to create a blog seo that you apply on your blog . and I want to ask , I want to create a new blog for playing adsense paid traffic , if you can give a clear tutorial , step by step to complete this ?
  20. CashflowChase

    What should I do to get started in Mobile Marketing>

    I want to test out Mobile cpa for a chance its growing right now as far as mobile. I have a website and I've been trying to drive free traffic to it. I only started the website for testing purposes and because I dont know how to get started in mobile. Plus I am an affiliate member of an mobile...