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  1. Evgenia L

    1000+ offers for mobile VAS traffic. Daily payouts from 20$.

    Hi there! :) My name is Evgenia. I'm looking for WW traffic for VAS offers. * Promotional content removed by Admin * .
  2. Sharon Cm

    Next Generation push notification for apps

    What is the best push notification for apps that you working with. I'm looking for the next generation push notification system, that has all relevant and up to date features. include segmentation and automation. Share your favorite and samples of its work. Thank you
  3. Annesoren

    Frustrated Newbie

    Hi! I am Anne from Norway. Where to start... I haven't launched a single campaign yet, and I keep getting stuck on obstacles on the way - but getting closer... I have worked as an analys in some major corporations, am fairly intelligent, and studied graphic design as well. I signed up for all...
  4. V

    Three trends to skyrocket your profits in 2018

    The mobile rule Mobile advertising spend is plummeting and will continue to do so in the years to come, expected to reach $247bn by 2020. In 2017, in-app represented 80% of mobile spendings, reaching $45bn. Mobile has been growing because users are spending increasingly more time watching...
  5. V

    6 Programmatic trends you need pay attention to

    Moving forward with your monetization strategies, take into account these trends emphasised by industry influencers at the Programmatic I/O Conference organised by AdExchanger: 1. digital media usage is driven by mobile apps ($53.4B will be spent on in-app ads by 2020) 2. most mobile RTB...
  6. V

    A story of mobile video advertising

    We started in 2008 as a video publisher, Viewster, showing millennials TV series and movies, untill we realised that we had more demand for advertising than we had ad opportunities available. In 2011 we started what’s today known as a publisher trading desk - what it meant was extending...
  7. EmmaXiao

    Any mass media that open for news released?

    I am looking for media resources to release news/articles of our product. Now still struggling in finding the right channels. Any suggestion?
  8. EmmaXiao

    Any mass media that open for news released?

    I am looking for media resources to release news/articles of our product. Now still struggling in finding the right channels. Any suggestion?
  9. SY Abuzar

    Network Wanted What is best Ad network for Nutra Offers you are working with?

    Hello, I wanna promote some Nutra CPA offer, and I need the best ad network that is best for nutra offer.
  10. Sharon Cm

    Looking for Mobile Sport betting ad networks

    Hi, I have an app on sport betting and I'm looking for ad networks to publish my app and get world wide downloads. What are the best networks you know and work with?
  11. Betrulzz Group

    Gambling And Binary Traffic Sale on CPM!

    I Sale Adult Desktop and Mobile Traffic on CPM base what you will get ? you get CPL/CPA/CPI clients from CPM :) Yes my traffic convert well if you need that you can Buy test ( Prepay 1000$ Refundable on left balance ) Ping me on PM
  12. pac0s1

    An easy way to promote your app

    Recently Clickky launched a Self-Serve Platform for advertisers - a easy-to-use solution, which allows taking full control over the process of creating, managing, monitoring and optimizing the campaign performance. Basically it’s an ultimate app promotion tool for app developers, complete with a...
  13. R

    Campaign Denial Notification from startapp

    Hi i am newbie, recently i found some app install offer from adplexity, so i was trying to promote on startapp, but my Campaign was Denial, it's says "The destination URL of your campaign is incorrect. Your campaign leads to a Google Play page, while the destination URL you inserted relates to...
  14. pac0s1

    Event Mobile Beach Conference, May 20–21

    Hey guys, Thought you might be interested in Mobile Beach Conference, the event which opens doors in Odessa, Ukraine, for the 3rd time on May 20-21, 2017. Expecting 1000+ visitors this year, it is now one of the biggest conferences about mobile marketing in Europe. The event is held by...
  15. Martin.Smallboss

    Very happy to meet AFF-fix

    I come from China, the early 90's young artists. Occasionally, met this forum Aff-Fix, very happy. Here are the knowledge I need and can help my forum friends. Of course, I will do my best to use my experience to help the needy forum friends. I am familiar with SEO technology, and have 5 years...
  16. troublemike

    The new me, the better me

    Hi to everyone, I'm Mike and I am, if not the trouble, at least trouble :) I've been working with popunder traffic for the last few years and thought to myself I could move up to the food chain so I plan on starting on advertising on mobile. I made a rough idea about how to start, but there can...
  17. shakurullah

    Can I track Mobile offer with Volumm

    hi can someone please let me know if I can track mobile offer from with tracking software Volumm? Thanks
  18. MrTwister

    Greetings fellows!

    Howdy folks? Nice to meet you all! Let me introduce myself. My name's MrTwister but you can call me Mister. For over two years I've been working in a mobile marketing industry, in a company that is providing a lot of installs (CPI/CPA) for various iOS and Android games and apps. I've worked with...
  19. shakurullah

    Guideline for Mobile campaign for a newbie

    hi. I am used to run ppc traffic. Now I am planning to run and test mobile traffic with mobile offer. can someone please give complete guideline how to start? It will be highly appreciated. TIA . Shakur
  20. S

    Bulk DND Check Online

    Bulk DND Check Online! Check DND online is simple & easy web based application to help users to scrub mobile numbers against DND & Non DND numbers. You can filter 50k mobile numbers at one time or more. Signup check dnd online page and see different packages with dnd check api free of cost...