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An easy way to promote your app

Discussion in 'Business Centre' started by pac0s1, May 19, 2017.

  1. pac0s1

    pac0s1 Affiliate affiliate

    Recently Clickky launched a Self-Serve Platform for advertisers - a easy-to-use solution, which allows taking full control over the process of creating, managing, monitoring and optimizing the campaign performance. Basically it’s an ultimate app promotion tool for app developers, complete with a convenient interface, analytics, optimization tools, including blacklisting and retention rate tools.

    You can access quality users through non-incentive campaigns, and pay by CPI method for the delivered results only.

    Among other features:
    • CPI recommendation tool which helps to avoid overpaying for selected targeting
    • Free SDK, so you can completely remove attribution from your budget
    • Automatic tracking link testing.
    Moreover, you can increase your advertising budget by 10% on your first account refill. 10% will return to your account within 8 hours if you pay via wire.

    You can check Clickky’s Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers at Get the right users for your app! | Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers | Clickky Family
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  3. salah00

    salah00 Affiliate affiliate

  4. pac0s1

    pac0s1 Affiliate affiliate

    Hi Salah, we are really dissapointed and confused to receive such a feedback. What exactly you'd like suggest us to improve? Thanks
  5. Bestreviewapp4u

    Bestreviewapp4u Affiliate affiliate

    There are many methods to promote an app, include optimize the keywords, title,etc. But I thought the most effective method is to do app store optimization(ASO), which can boost your app ranking in app stores so that get more app installs.
  6. pac0s1

    pac0s1 Affiliate affiliate

    @Bestreviewapp4u , sure, ASO is an important factor for the apps' success. However, the app stores are overcrowded with apps. We've recently made a research of mobile commerce apps, and in December, 2017 there were 36,222 Shopping apps in App Store and 76,157 Shopping apps in Google Play... That's why app developers now turn to paid user acquisition models.