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Three trends to skyrocket your profits in 2018


video intelligence

The mobile rule
Mobile advertising spend is plummeting and will continue to do so in the years to come, expected to reach $247bn by 2020. In 2017, in-app represented 80% of mobile spendings, reaching $45bn.
Mobile has been growing because users are spending increasingly more time watching content on their devices, making it a great way for advertisers to capture their attention, and for publishers to ramp their revenues.

The native rule
Native ads provide the best user experience, great ROI for advertisers and high earnings for publishers. Advertisers are expected so spend more on this specific ad type since their effectiveness has been proven.
By being less visually intrusive than display ads, native is a cure for "ad blindness" and a fix for adblockers - therefore a higher potential for publishers to make money.

The video rule
“Video is the only subcategory of display ad spending that is growing, as rich media, banner ads and sponsorship all shrink.“
CPM from video ads are significantly higher than those from traditional display advertising. Besides, video is a more engaging ad type that can positively contribute to improve the overall site/app experience.