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  1. N

    Seeking Help Bing platform not reporting on revenue value

    Hello PPCers, My Microsoft Ads account has conversion tracking set up using an UET tag. This tag is tracking sales and revenue, but the revenue is not tracking in the Bing platform, only sales. I've tried to reach out to Bing support who are no help and ask me to check the setup of my tag. The...
  2. Honeybadger

    How do you ask for higher % commission?

    What is the best way to ask for a better commission rate? Not sure how it works but I have generated $20k in the past month across 5 networks and getting average 4-5% commission Or should I just promote higher value products?
  3. Honeybadger

    POLL: Do you have a revenue target?

    I found that having a revenue target is key to measuring the success of my affiliate marketing business. I set out with the target of generating $100 per day by Christmas. So far I'm at 27% of that target. Interested to know if you set a specific commission goal this year? Thanks for voting
  4. S

    Maximizing your revenue

    Hi everyone, My name is Sid and I work at Pushnami As a newbie to Affiliate Fix, I wanted to hear if any of you all have hit your revenue goals with channels such as pop, display, etc
  5. Md. Masudul Hasan

    Do you know any easy youtube monetization program?

    Hello Everyone Have a wonderful day. Except Google Youtube monetization program- do you know any other youtube monetization program which is very much easy. Like no need huge subscribers and views. I was trying to get youtube monetization but at the prepare- youtube revenue share program get...
  6. Louie V

    Ask Me Anything Do you generate PERSONAL OR INSTALLMENT LOAN LEADS? | Ask me Anything!

    I help affiliates become more profitable with their Personal and Installment loan leads. If there is anything you'd like to ask me, feel free to contact me. I am 100% confident I will add value to your bottom line!
  7. Alex admitad

    Announcement Record Christmas business at admitad: 236.9 million US dollars revenue for advertisers in one month

    · Revenue through the affiliate network grows by more than 160 percent in the Christmas period compared to the previous year. · Publishers receive $12.4 million in commissions paid to publishers Heilbronn, Germany. January 10th, 2018, - In the Christmas season, most consumers like to dig...
  8. V

    Three trends to skyrocket your profits in 2018

    The mobile rule Mobile advertising spend is plummeting and will continue to do so in the years to come, expected to reach $247bn by 2020. In 2017, in-app represented 80% of mobile spendings, reaching $45bn. Mobile has been growing because users are spending increasingly more time watching...
  9. Daniel Telling

    SpottoCash New Affiliate Programme

    Dear affiliates, SpottoCash is a new online spot-the-ball game with a weekly guaranteed cash prize of 10,000 pounds. We have recently launched our affiliate programme and we are looking to work with as many affiliates as possible. We pay 35% revenue share on all user orders for 12 months...
  10. Natural Revenue

    Affiliates Wanted Incentive Central!

    Hello! I hope every one is having a prosperous New Year! At Natural Revenue we have incentives coming out of our eyes for our affiliates along with other great benefits!! The more sales you make the more commission you make but also the more bonus money you make! over 20 sales could get you an...
  11. Natural Revenue

    Affiliates Wanted Natural Revenue Affiliate Program!

    Hey! Ask me anything about our program and how you could profit! Dont miss the chance, I'll answer any questions you have and help you in any way I can! :D
  12. Natural Revenue

    Official Natural Revenue Affiliate Program!

    Natural Revenue submitted a new resource: Natural Revenue - Marketing affiliate platform of natural and high tech health, beauty and wellness products. Read more about this resource...
  13. Barton_101

    Official Monetizus

    Barton_101 submitted a new resource: Monetizus - Universal Monetization Platform Read more about this resource...
  14. MarinaKimia

    Announcement Kimia makes 1 out of every 30 affiliates a millionaire

    Affiliates enter the Affiliate Marketing business with one single goal: to become a millionaire. Kimia has been a leading CPA network for more than 5 years now, and we have put together some numbers to illustrate the reality of making money in Affiliate Marketing. The numbers are based on...
  15. A

    How can i optimise my revenue for my new site?

    I have bought i website . This site is about Wordpress and Woocommerce Tutorials. Now how can i increase the revenue on this site? Any ideas? Thanks Andrew