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  1. HilltopAds

    Celebrate 11 years with HilltopAds: Enter Our Epic Giveaway Today!

    Wow! HilltopAds is celebrating an incredible 11 years, and we’re GIVEAWAY amazing gifts to mark the occasion! Whether you're a new user or already with us, everyone has a chance to win generous prizes: an iPhone 15 Pro Max, HilltopAds branded merchandise, deposit bonuses, and much more! 25 top...
  2. adcash_team

    May Advertising Trends - VPN offers, Tyson Fury, and geo + offer combos!

    Take a quick look at the trending now, monthly focus, and hot & upcoming advertising opportunities this May! Of course, we've listed out the geos, ad formats, website categories, and bid types to ensure maximum profit for you. TRENDING NOW Offer types: VPN, anti-virus & browser extensions...
  3. davidrozen

    Hello world, AffeliateFix Forum

    Hello, I am new here on the Forum. Looking forward to expanding and enriching my knowledge about advertising and social media. Interested mostly in ad networks. Thank you, guys

    Adpos - Virtual Card Payment Management Solutions for Advertising

    Adpos - Virtual Card Payment Management Solutions for Advertising Adpos is a reliable payment management solution where you can create an unlimited number of virtual cards for Facebook advertising. Premium Bins from Hong Kong and the USA Efficient Bulk Card Management Competitive Rates Fast...
  5. Zeydoo

    Guide Before launching traffic: tips from Zeydoo

    , The affiliate marketing niche is getting bigger every year, but the questions all remain the same. This is why we at Zeydoo decided to create a comprehensive guide where we’ll discuss the most basic and not so obvious tips on how to launch ad campaigns with any offer and GEO. Tips on working...
  6. K

    Seeking Help Has anyone here ever tried DaoAD and Clickaine? please share your experience

    Hello everyone, I want to try out new ad platforms and I just want to make sure I make the right choice. So, has anyone here ever tried advertising on Daoads or Clickaine? If you had please share your experience. Thank you.

    Announcement Native Ads Platform Launch!

    Hi everyone! We proudly introduce that we have launched our Native Ads platform with many unique features to enhance your campaign results. ***Review Copies!*** We are giving out review copies to users who are doing Native ads currently. First, please sign up, then, send your email in a...
  8. 3Snet network

    April affiliate news

    #betting A world-recognized bookmaker`s start in the Russian market A well-known British bookmaker bet365 was set up in 2000 and is legal. Bettors from Russia make wagers on bet365. All transactions are via QIWI betting service. #gambling Thriving online gambling market in the USA is one of...
  9. Honeybadger

    Free Paid Marketing Full Course (10 hours)

    I subscribe to Simplilearn on You Tube It just posted this free video course about paid advertising No signup it's all on You Tube, 10 hours long I have no connection apart from being a subscriber Simplilearn have 900,000 subscribers So it is legit channel
  10. 3Snet network

    Announcement New advertising rules awareness, New offers for affiliates

    Offers, training, discounts. New dates! SiGMA Europe — Malta Fairs & Conventions Centre will take place on 16-18 November 2021. The SiGMA Europe show will take place on November 16 -18, 2021, due to a surge in Covid-19 cases. Expect top quality content, all the latest trends and expert insight...
  11. Honeybadger

    PPC: Should I ignore Google Search in 2021?

    Need new traffic source in 2021 Know almost nothing about You Tube ads (just 95% irrelevant ads) Maybe in 2021 will just do You Tube ads? Really target for customer intent search about product Customer search --> 'how to trim nostril hair?' My product --> Nostril hair trimmer video Is it good...
  12. Grunger

    Ask Me Anything Where to get traffic to a xxx webcam project?

    Hello to all! I have a new project. Adult webcams. When looking for traffic to the site, we faced a big problem. Advertising networks with which we worked on the CPC, CPM, dCPM model, debited money for generated users (bots) or made fake clicks. That gave a lot of attendance but not a single...
  13. Trellian DSN

    Premium Traffic Available!

    Trellian Direct Search Network continues to provide premium domain redirect traffic in leading industry verticals. Our self-managed, real-time bidding platform allows advertisers to bid on our exclusive source of highly relevant domain redirect traffic. Trellian uses high level filtering to...
  14. Acemarketer01


    Hello community, Can someone provide me their solution on getting more ad accounts on facebook.
  15. AdFlyTeam


    Hey guys! Happy to be part of this community! Some of you may have heard of us.:) Greetings from the AdFly Team * Some promotional content removed by Admin * .
  16. Runnnup

    looking for affiliate method $$$ and advertising work

    hey everyone im an affiliate marketer and im also looking for advertising work & affiliate method $
  17. Julia

    Official ADxAD

    Darja submitted a new resource: ADxAD - We are Adult Self Managed Platform For Advertisers & Mediabuyers Read more about this resource...
  18. Ma'at Hetep

    Getting Started With Native Ads

    Hello, I will appreciate anyone who can help me with Native Ads. All I have been reading so far on them is good. I have looked online for some of these networks but still don't know how to go about it. Any networks or recommendations will be helpful and appreciated.Thanks for your time...
  19. davidedt

    How to find a efficient Instagram Influencer for niche?

    Hello, how can I find in a short time an efficient instagram influencer with a good engagement, who has no fake but real followers so that I can offer him a collaboration for advertising through instagram stories? Thank you for reply!
  20. Ma'at Hetep

    How Long Should I Wait?

    Hello Awesome Members! So I finally decided to give Facebook Ads a try after weeks of searching for traffic sources and weighing options. I chose Facebook over Push Notifications in the meantime because the latter might not be entirely budget friendly and I feel I will be able to engage my...