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  1. MasterOfHearts

    How To Track & Promote MyLead Offers?

    Hi Everyone! I have marked 2 things on the screenshot attached. 1) MyLead asks not to use your own tracking software. Does it mean we cannot use external trackers at all? What about private trackers namely Voluum / BeMob / RedTracker, etc? 2) iPhone Sweepstakes offers without incentive...
  2. MasterOfHearts

    What's The Thin Line Between Incentive & Motivational Traffic?

    Most of the offers on CPA Networks forbid Incent Traffic. One of the biggest temptations that could literally make or break the campaign. So how to avoid Incentive Traffic? Or Is motivational traffic another name for Incentive Traffic? Are they one and the same? For example, a creative showing...
  3. PayV

    Affiliates Wanted CPI offer - incentive traffic needed!

    Hey fixers! PayV affiliate network is looking for affiliates to promote CPI offers. Today we need the heroes of incent who can run our app Everplay. Geos: Cyprus, Ireland, Slovenia Payout: up to $1.00 CPI Conversion flow: install+open INCENTIVE ALLOWED!!! Sign up today to test it asap!
  4. PayV

    Affiliates Wanted Inhouse gambling offer - incent allowed!

    Hey all! PayV affiliate network is looking for affiliates and networks to run our newly launched gambling offer - 4cus Casino. Revshare starting from 35% Incent (scheme traffic) allowed! Best GEOs: India Russia Ukraine Brazil Czechia Poland Coming soon: Uzbekistan Bangladesh Pakistan...
  5. Nguyen Truong Giang

    Looking for Incent Offers(CPL,SOI,DOI,PPL)

    I am looking for incent offers : CPL, SOI, DOI, PPL I have a huge traffic for this kind offers, can be make over 500 conversion per day with each offer . I like do with network have plan weekly . if you have please contact with my skype : kyohandsome
  6. arunk89

    Incent or non Incent for T-shirts business?

    I am starting a team shirt business where I'll be handling everything. I. E. Won't be using teespring type services. I do have decent budget for advertising. But I am planning to have affiliates promote it on social media like Instagram, Tumblr, etc. However, I am confused whether I should...
  7. Mostafa Adel Khayri

    Regarding CPI offers (Cost per install)

    Hello affiliatefixers :) I was wondering if you can suggest a network & Ad networks which support incentive mobile CPI (cost per install) offers, as I think it would be great to start with, I mean, I might go pick an offer with a $1.50/install payout incentive Geo targeted, and go to an ad...
  8. O

    Looking For A CPA/CPI(incent) based ad network with lowest minimum deposit

    Hi, I am looking for CPA/CPI based ad network which can drive installs/leads on my affiliate link, I am to low on budget like 10$ will try my best to have at least 50$
  9. donii

    Incent CPI network

    Hello, could anybody suggest me high paying network for incent app cpi. On an appbooster where i want to buy installs the suggested bid is 1.05$ for usa install and payment from a network is 0.44$ so :D ?
  10. Cpa Expert

    Looking For Mobile app incent offers

    Hello, I have mobile incent traffic from content lockers on sites. If you are a network representative and have such offers which are active, work good just reach me. The conversion flow should be sign up or install + opening.
  11. mouyanali

    Looking for some Incentive Offers

    Hay every one, i am going to start my own PTC, GTP site and i want some incentive offers for my site, can any one help me up. kindly tell me best CPA, CPI networks for my up coming site. Thanks in advance
  12. cimpoi constantin

    adult offers/daily payout in euros

    hey guys!looking for daily payout?add me on skype: cimpoi.constantin1 adult/dating/mainstream offers for desktop and mobile,all geo's!daily cashout on paxum,payoneer,paypal etc!Happy earnings!
  13. Koro

    Looking for Incent app instals

    Hey! can you recomend some incent app instals with ww geo?
  14. Iraklee

    How to choose and run INCENT CPI offers

    Dear Friends, Many of us might already noticed that running CPI offers is no longer easy as it was 2 years ago. Advertisers refuse to pay high payouts for simple installs and apply KPI rules for new campaigns. I would like to exclude this kind of offers from this topic because in fact CPI +...
  15. I

    Best Networks for Incent traffic

    Hello everyone! Do you have an experience with incent traffic? Which Networks have best offers, payouts and conditions? Thanks!
  16. karim_b

    Buying Traffic Looking for incent traffic

    Hello, We are looking for incent traffic to promote our offers. We need traffic for : FR, FI, NO, SE, UK, PL, US, ES, IT ... It's for CPA and CPL offers, please keep me posted if you have some traffic or sign up to work with us directly :)
  17. SourceitNetCaleb

    Hello From SourceitNet!

    Hello - I wanted to introdouce myself My name is Caleb I'm an Account Manager at SourceitNet - What do we do? We're an Affiliate Network Focused on Incentive offers, what makes us different ? Well we try to focus on getting unique incentive offers and not always what everyone has. If you have...
  18. donii

    Test conversion

    Hello everybody, ok, so I am trying to promote incent app install offers on gowide appbooster platform. I done all the postback link everything with the tracking is ok. But when I am creating new campaign they need that I will do a test conversion from myself with a vpn to make sure that all...
  19. Sashoy

    I am looking for incent networks that have adwalls

    So guys can you tell me few incent networks that have adwalls? I will need to integrate their adwall on my website and send them traffic through GPT offers (so it is incentive traffic). I have already installed adscend, and AdWork. I think CPA Lead have it also. But I will be glad if you can...
  20. kate.dispply

    Affiliates Wanted Top incent campaign

    Hey guys, we are starting 2 incent campaigns today, ping me if you want to join! new 53995 Soul Hunters - iOS - RU - Incent - Burst (Start date: 12-05-2016 20:59:00 GMT End date: 14-05-2016 20:59:00 GMT) $0.50 uncapped new 54016 REWE Lebensmittel - iPhone - DE - Incent - Burst (Start date...