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Test conversion

Discussion in 'Incentive Marketing' started by donii, Jun 4, 2016.

  1. donii

    donii Affiliate affiliate

    Hello everybody,
    ok, so I am trying to promote incent app install offers on gowide appbooster platform. I done all the postback link everything with the tracking is ok. But when I am creating new campaign they need that I will do a test conversion from myself with a vpn to make sure that all the tracking integration of that campaign is working. Ok so I bought a hidemyass premium account and when I am doing a test conversion from my phone with a vpn of that geo after install no conversion appears that's why they not confirming my campaign I don't understand why I am not getting that conversion. I have tried with maybe 5 different campaigns (apps) and i tried with a opera mobile emulator on pc and with a Bluestacks android emulator and still nothing no conversion appears on my affiliate network. Where the problem could be?
  2. newbidder
  3. SEO Guru

    SEO Guru Affiliate affiliate

    I think you should asked to your account manager about this problem. I hope they will come up with a new solution for you ;)
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