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  1. MrTube

    Announcement How to get free traffic ? Use tube sites without registration

    No account needed adult tube sites and their settings Tube sites where you don’t need a login and can upload your video instantly, these are adult tube sites where you don’t need an account Did you know that there are adult tube sites that you don’t have to register for? There are quite a lot...
  2. Foridul Islam Forid

    Want to know which offers convert best in BizOpp vertical

    Hey All, I hope you're all guys doing awesome! Here is I'm Foridul from Bangladesh. I wanted to know how to use Facebook group posting traffic. I have a huge Facebook group posting traffic. I have a team that posted through the Facebook group for me and generate traffic. And is the post look...
  3. S

    Money with Plr Products

    PLR assets help you to get instant content that you can edit and resell keeping 100% profits. That’s why you have not to spend huge to make content or outsource likes writing an ebook, articles for your blog. You can use the PLR ebook “as is” or customize or re-purpose it to fit your purpose...
  4. A

    How big of a budget to start running paid ads?

    Realistically how much money do you need to start running paid ads? Im currently in the weight loss niche but was trying to get conversions through setting up my own Facebook group and listing the offers in there, while providing quality weight loss tips.
  5. saravanak85

    Official Quora - Easy Method to get Free Traffic

    More than 70% Affiliate marketers know about quora and only very few make money. The biggest reason is we don't know which question gets more impressions. Unfortunately quora doesn't let you know the top questions. But you can get this for free with a simple hack. Here it is: Step 1 : click...
  6. saravanak85

    Hi from Content Marketer

    Hi All, Am a content marketer for the past ten years. I marketed several websites on health, news and entertainment niches. I always generated free traffic and never used paid methods. I wanted to write an ebook on how to get free traffic to affiliate products and courses. 6 months of...
  7. Bennymay

    In depth working guide for dating cpa

    Thanks to show concern for my tread. Pls I am not getting how dating CPA works and how to generate traffic. I read somewhere that its possible to get traffic from Facebook to Whatsapp and to landing page. Pls I Need an experience person to detail on how to get traffic. Its frustrating. My...
  8. RogerFederer

    Is This Method Still Viable?

    Hey guys, I am very new to the forum and to affiliate marketing. I've watched a video by Franklin Hatchett on Youtube (Link below). He describes a method, where you build a blog which adds value as an intermediate page and you send free traffic to that page by commenting on other blogs...
  9. AjitWayne

    Share your experience of cpa offer promotion with pinterest free traffic.

    Hi, I want to try cpa offers with pinterest traffic. Have you got any good conversion in this platform if you tried it and any recommendations ??
  10. JonathanB

    How to promote ClickBank offers on Instagram?

    Here are 5 cool tips on promoting ClickBank products on Instagram: Please read this quick disclaimer first: In this post, I'm using the ClickBank product "Hack Your Carbs", of which I'm the affiliate manager and co-creator. It's a brand new product in the Weight Loss and Cooking niche, and...
  11. Tanay Kumar Das

    How To Do Affiliate Marketing With Free Traffic?

    Blog Commenting -- Use related KW to your affiliate product and start commenting giving value in top 10 websites/blogs on a consistent basis. Don't Poke your affiliate link but use the bridge page of your blog or website to hyperlink. Forum Marketing - Almost every Niche has forums nowadays so...
  12. Make Money With CPA

    i'm Struggling With Traffic - Anyone Can Help Me?

    Hello Everyone my English is not soo good i hope you guys understand me I'm struggling with traffic i need your help i need traffic methods right now i am using Black Hat Niches i am using some traffic methods but right now these methods are not working - not working for me i am used...
  13. thehustler

    Regarding making youtube videos for generating traffic

    Hi, I am looking forward to make youtube videos for generating traffic. Now, my voice is not that pleasant to hear. Its more like a bit deep haha. I bet people will comment stupid or rough voice. :P So, I am wondering that after I record my voice, is there any software that will change the...
  14. I

    How to actually get FREE traffic in 2018?

    Hi, I have some products in a website and I want to concentrate on FREE traffic at the moment because I am a struggler and I don't have initial starting fund. I am looking forward to make a name for myself, hence I am looking for free traffic and as soon as I make some money from free traffic, I...
  15. David Mali

    $2k Monthly With Free Traffic Source and Clickbank Products

    Hey Guys Watch this quick video
  16. V4P0RW4V3

    I need help to do free traffic.

    I was going to do paid advertising, but my friend said that I should start with free traffic since I'm a beginner. He said he was going to help me, but he goes on and off a lot and I have no time to wait. Could someone help with this, please? Thank you.
  17. shafi kasmani

    Reddit is Awesome - Just Post convert more FREE Traffic

    last 4 days I posted one blog while shared reddit then after 4 days i surprised that 150 Free Traffic reddits for 4 days This image is one post from reddit reports on wordpress This image is from Google Analytics for REDDIT Traffic This image is from Shareasale Affiliate Reports you try...
  18. H

    Please help me out with landing page traffic

    hey, I am newbie in online marketing and have created my first landing page with get response free trail for 30 days. This is the landing page weightlosshnh. gr8. com (with no spaces in between) But I choose to attract free visitors as I don't have any money yet to invest in. What...
  19. shafi kasmani

    $56.14 freelancer affiliate link with free blog

    last 1 or 2 years i made some blogs e.g. 10 top any words or 10 best any words blog then after 4 or 5 months will come free traffic organic! I got $56.14 with free blog traffic! you try to make any 10 top any words blog article then your website will come free traffic! Best of luck!
  20. E

    Any good method can bring free traffics?

    I learnt some articles from website, and try some method like forums and blogs, but the result was not good enough. Look forward to hear some great suggestion from you.