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  1. winrel

    What to do with my email list?

    Hi good day, I need advice. I have a list and I want to segment them according to their best interest for me to filter the right people to matched with my products. However, i cant think the best/appropriate way to approach them through an email that this list wont turn to waste. im confused.
  2. msulcs

    I made $893 by Leveraging other peoples email list

    Intro: I have an interesting story about how powerful partnerships are. For a while, I didn't know whether I should post about it, because I can't mention mine or my partner's product without promoting it (which is against the rules). Without giving the key details it's not that interesting...
  3. MajorAdviser

    Helping Companies with Email Lists

    Hello All! My name is Alex, I am obsessed with personal growth, and I help businesses clean up their email lists with 99%+ accuracy. Hard bounces, spam traps, duplicates, and disposable addresses are all a thing of the past when you use our service. We offer competitive pricing tiers for all...
  4. Shourove saha

    Looking bulk email data

    Hello friends, I am looking for help finding quality bulk email data. Looking for USA and International bulk various target niche email data. Anyone know contacts with good data.? Thanks in advance.
  5. Sandyhell1n1

    Selling I want to sell email list of 5 Million (latest and verified)

    I have got tested and verified email list of 5 Million ( Negligible bounce rate as I use to remove hard bounces and unsubscribes regularly). The list is highly active and more than 10% open rate is there on any email campaign. Contact me if anyone would like to buy it.
  6. B0xER

    10k email list with people that have bought a similar product. How to approach?

    Hello, Need some advises. The Intro: I have 10 000 email list from Philippines. The list is with customers that have already bought health products via promotion on Social media, so they are not only interested in such products, but also willing to buy online. The list is also split by...
  7. Timothy01

    I have an email list of 200k + Please Help!

    I'm a NewBie. I have an email list of 200,000 + good quality email addresses. How do I start with just my emails and no website or blog? Do I need to use an all-in-one site, like aWeber or is there software that I can use? I have zero experience in affiliate marketing, I just have a large list...
  8. Umar Abdulbasit

    Selling Do you need email list of any country? i can get it for you

    Are you an email marketer and need emails on a particular niche? I can get it done for you in 72hours, I mean any country of your choice.
  9. S

    Have SMTP Server & Want to Warm up Your IPs?

    Hi Fixers, Most of you maybe have tried to set up a mailing server, but the problem is always the same not matter how bigger your Data is... without appropriately warming up your IPs your email will always land into SPAM folder. to avoid that I have a great idea to solve this problem. the idea...
  10. Roman71144

    I am a beginner marketer

    I am a beginner marketer to promote the project ( This online service is designed to check the validity of email addresses. The customer receives a quality check email addresses at an affordable price. From concurrency makes us different price, an individual approach to each the client...
  11. J

    CPA, PPC affiliate networks/programs that accept email traffic?

    Can you advise any good and tested CPA or PPC affliliate programs that accept email traffic? I have some opt-in usa lists. Would like to monetize them. But I work only with major ESP, such as yahoo, comcast, aol, gmail, hotmail.
  12. Adi Balata Agustinus


    Give You 625 million Email list ONLY $5 Or Free Limited Guarantee And only temporarily Send Private Message Your Bonus : 250 More Software/Tools is Essential And Useful for internet marketing, CPA program, PPD, Traffic, SEO and Youtube, Daily Motion and others. Category Area...
  13. M

    How big are your list?

    Hello I would like to know how big your email list are? To know how big i should grow my list before i can earn money from it..
  14. T J Tutor

    Birthday Emails

    I just started including Birthday emails to my subscribers a few months ago and actually have increased my open rate a bit. Anyone else here using them and have some good experience with them?
  15. T J Tutor

    High Quality Content / Driving Site Traffic / Increasing Conversions & Revenue

    These are the primary purposes of an email list. It is a funnel, always! In order to be a valid, reputable, and expected inbox arrival, simplify your content. By this I mean prepare your email with these three intentions. The quality of your content must be completely, 100%, current with what...
  16. T J Tutor

    No Coffins For Email Marketing Yet! But The SPAM is Huge Still!

    Every day I am asked if email marketing is dead. Every day I have to take this question and reply with "no need for coffins for email marketing." I have been seeing a great divide in email marketing among marketers and I think it's because the gray areas of it are dissipating. The spam folders...
  17. E

    Eddie's intro

    I am and internet/affiliate marketer. I've been on the internet doing affiliate marketing for two years. I have a great deal of experience with fiverr, getresponse, aweber, CPA, CPV and I have a list of over 9700 subscribers on my autoresponder. I am waiting for a fiverr seller to finish my...