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High Quality Content / Driving Site Traffic / Increasing Conversions & Revenue

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by T J Tutor, Dec 7, 2015.

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    T J Tutor

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    These are the primary purposes of an email list. It is a funnel, always! In order to be a valid, reputable, and expected inbox arrival, simplify your content. By this I mean prepare your email with these three intentions.

    The quality of your content must be completely, 100%, current with what works. If you in any way provide content that does not deliver, then that's the end of that reader. Gone, likely forever. Also remember to adhere to the relevancy of the content to the reader.

    Driving Site Traffic is paramount. The entire funnel should include very subtle undertones that there is value in clicking the email content to visit the site. Once at the site, the email conversation continues with greater depth and broader concept. If you are driving them to an offer, be sure to use wording in the email that reflects whether they will see a sales page or an informative page. Some of the more bleeding edge funnels no longer take someone direct to the landing page. More often than not, savvy marketers are sending their email clicks to a content page ripe with stories in which the product, sign up, offer requirement, etc., is delved into by you or a quoted authoritative source. From their, your client has a higher degree of click-thru commitment.

    Increasing conversions from data is paramount. These email funnels should be studied and refined a couple of times a month, at least. We are in a very fast paced business and your competitors at the highest level are in constant bleeding edge refinement mode with every inch of their businesses. So keep your funnels polished and competitive with what works for the top ten percent. Sign up for email funnels of the most popular and most successful marketers out there. Also subscribe to the big business lists out there and READ THEM! Follow their funnel and see how they are structuring the funnels, what types of copywriting are they employing, what graphics are they engaging, do they go to an informative site page dedicated to the emaail content, etc.
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