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10k email list with people that have bought a similar product. How to approach?

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by B0xER, Nov 7, 2017.

  1. B0xER

    B0xER Affiliate affiliate


    Need some advises.
    The Intro:
    I have 10 000 email list from Philippines.
    The list is with customers that have already bought health products via promotion on Social media, so they are not only interested in such products, but also willing to buy online.
    The list is also split by products (e.g. for back pain, for fungus treatment etc).

    The question:
    What email strategy to chose? How to approach the people? Since i have not gathered list organically and these people do not know me. I do not want to just spam them with a affiliate offer and hope for the best.
    What I was thinking is to create a small blog with 1 product review page and 3 free informational pages (with good quantity and value). Than for 3 weeks, make 3 email blasts pointing to each of the info pages. Than on the 4th week, publish the product review page (with the affiliate links) and make the final email blast pointing to that page (and hope people convert).

    What do you think? Can you suggest any better approach?
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  2. CPA Evolution
  3. Iss Meftah

    Iss Meftah Guest

    You got a good strategy. in addition you may wanna add some lead capture forms in the blog. to get opt-in.
    You also should send small blasts 2k with different email contents see whats convert more. and you can safely mail them twice per week.
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  4. Devangi Adattract

    Devangi Adattract Affiliate affiliate

    Good thought and by blog you would get to know their interest. But, as you said don't want to spam them with affiliate offer then don't you think by send them 3 week production information page how will work.cause if they won't find worthy then unsubscribe it.