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  1. MajorAdviser

    Helping Companies with Email Lists

    Hello All! My name is Alex, I am obsessed with personal growth, and I help businesses clean up their email lists with 99%+ accuracy. Hard bounces, spam traps, duplicates, and disposable addresses are all a thing of the past when you use our service. We offer competitive pricing tiers for all...
  2. Sandyhell1n1

    Selling I want to sell email list of 5 Million (latest and verified)

    I have got tested and verified email list of 5 Million ( Negligible bounce rate as I use to remove hard bounces and unsubscribes regularly). The list is highly active and more than 10% open rate is there on any email campaign. Contact me if anyone would like to buy it.
  3. B0xER

    10k email list with people that have bought a similar product. How to approach?

    Hello, Need some advises. The Intro: I have 10 000 email list from Philippines. The list is with customers that have already bought health products via promotion on Social media, so they are not only interested in such products, but also willing to buy online. The list is also split by...
  4. T J Tutor

    Google Begins To Mimic FB & Twitter Audience Targeting Options

    Google is coming back into our lives a bit more. As advertisers, we’ll be able to upload and target email lists in AdWords with customer match. We’ll be able to target customers and similar audiences with ads on search, Gmail, and YouTube. Customer Match is what they are calling it and it will...
  5. T J Tutor

    The Money Is In The Relationship - As Well As Your Hooks and Angles

    List building is among the oldest methods in our industry to capture clients and turn them into repeat buyers. We all use hooks and angles to bring them on board. It will serve all you well to study hooks, angles, and such. How many times have you read the headline on an email from a marketer...