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  1. P

    What budget should you aim for in order to order the design?

    Hello. Obviously, such things depend on many factors, so I'm asking about the average cost. Everywhere they write different information, so I can't figure out what to count on. I'm going to have about 20 pages. Will be really grateful.
  2. BeltingAct

    Color Style

    We once argued with a friend, here's a site that is designed in bright tones and similar in all aspects of the site in dark tones. The question is, which of them will be better perceived by people, if everything else is the same? My point is that the bright tones are more beneficial. What are...
  3. Danetted

    Can trust be designed?

    I wondered that when I first get to a site, if I want specific information, if I don't like the design, I look for another one that is more pleasing to the eye. Somehow I don't have confidence in them. How about you?
  4. UltraOne

    Announcement Is it necessary upgrading to windows 11 ?

    Been wondering . What are the biggest differences between Windows 10 and Windows 11? Besides the design . Will Windows 11 be worth upgrading to for current Windows 10 users?
  5. Rafał Jasionowski

    Hey, I am Rafał, maker of business presentations

    Hey Affiliate Bros, I provide high quality presentations for businesses. Many companies don't know how to stand out from their competitors., so I want to showcase their purpose, history, accomplishments in a creative way and attract new customers to their products or services, but I am not...
  6. Honeybadger

    10 places to find free images online

    List of 10 places to find free images, graphics and photographs for commercial use on affiliate marketing websites, with no fees. Friends - Got 5,000 friends on Facebook? See if they have an image for you. Your Smartphone - Have you taken a photo yourself that you can use? Wikipedia &...
  7. ClickAdilla

    Socks Design.

    Hi there! I'm planning to order socks with ClickAdilla logo. Now I'm thinking about design. What do you think, what to write on it? :) I would like to write something funny and something related to digital marketing and advertising.
  8. Naomi Chan

    Does pastel color style matches your article visuals?

    Amazing artworks from Sébastien Plassard, Chiara Ghigliazz, Ahra Kwon Apart from landing page design, we often have to create visual images for articles/blogging. When I see these pastel tone illustrations, I found them really aesthetic and suitable for article thumbnail and banner. With...
  9. Claire Harbour

    Review Free Adobe Illustrator alternative

    Figma is a fantastic vector design application. It's a browser-based app (desktop versions are available) that allows team-based collaboration. It's a brilliant free alternative to Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop. Check it out here: Some quick benefits: Can create banners...
  10. Ruby Jean

    Should My Website Design be Responsive and Mobile-Friendly?

    Is it important for a good website ?

    Just launched 1st tiered affiliate program...what do I do now??

    Hi, I’m really excited to be a part of affiliatefix I just set up my first affiliate program and any advice out there about how to make it a success would be greatly appreciated. I just wanted to bring to your attention a NEW SITE we have launched, that I think will be of great OPPORTUNITY...
  12. TravelingAffiliate

    The Secret Other Successful Affiliates Don't Want You To Know!

    Ok, So just to make things clear there is no a real secret, just wanted to know if this Headline will catch your eyes. I know how much important is to make something that will catch your audience attention. Of course the first thing the will see will be the amazing creatives that you will need...
  13. 2

    On demand Creative Design services - 2adprostore

    2adprostore is a creative and marketing services, similar to an e-commerce store that enables customers to Sign up, Choose the design/product of their choice, Enter the creative brief and Pay online. Our professional team of creative experts would design the creatives for you and it will be...
  14. Alangile

    What programs are needed for the design of printing?

    What programs are needed for the design of printing?
  15. Calvin Jones

    How to successfully fill out a design brief form? Read below

    Dear friends, I am running a design firm providing quality business logo design services for last five years. I would like to grab your attention on writing a design brief, especially those friends who are in the phase of business launch and brand management. I always ask my designers to obtain...
  16. Bruno A

    Landing page Creation

    I am looking for somene who can create landing pages for places such as Ringpartner and CJ
  17. Leming

    Selling Design and html/css services since 1998

  18. Leming

    Hi there, Buddies! ;]

    Hello guys! Glad to join community! I've provide design, html and photo-retouching services since 1998. See ya! ;)
  19. 2

    Landing Page

    Hey so I don't know how to code and i want to create some good landing pages, the services what are available to create landing pages are average but it still limits my creativity. I want to design my landing pages then send them off to get them coded, when I have more time i will try to learn...
  20. scroogefrog

    Website design

    Hi, guys! Recently we change a design theme at our web-site and now it looks like the Landing page! So I have question what do think is it user-friendly? Do you get all necessary information? What do you think good and what is bad in such theme? What what would you change on it ?? Thanks, for...