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The Secret Other Successful Affiliates Don't Want You To Know!

Discussion in 'Design and Creatives' started by TravelingAffiliate, Jan 30, 2018.

  1. TravelingAffiliate

    TravelingAffiliate Affiliate affiliate

    Ok, So just to make things clear there is no a real secret, just wanted to know if this Headline will catch your eyes.

    I know how much important is to make something that will catch your audience attention.
    Of course the first thing the will see will be the amazing creatives that you will need to make, but right after that, they going for the Headline, and that will probably be the "Deal-Closer" .

    After the audience will be impressed and interested he/she will click the CTA and will land at a LANDING PAGE.

    And now the real topic that I want to bring in is:

    What will be the best way to create a landing page for different offers?
    Please take in mind the following points:
    1) No coding skills.
    2) We need a killer landing page!
    3) We don't need it to be a free tool or something - but not the most expensive way as well.
    4) We want the control about it - means we don't want to hire anyone to do it for us.

    **I have in mind 2 ways:
    1) Use WordPress, buy a template, domain, hosting and to re-design it as I need or want -- and do that multiply the affiliate offers I want to promote.

    2) Use a Landing Page Builder Platform- the BEST ONE!
    by than their is a question...which one?o_O

    Thank you for everyone!
    Hope this thread will help more than just me.

    Look forward reading your answers.
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  2. Voluum
  3. Eric hunter

    Eric hunter Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Hey @ProMunch
    For your main question, I believe that both of the options that you have mentioned have the best results.

    But in considering all the points above, I would probably go for the 2 option, using a Landing Page builder.
    Regarding which one?!?! that is something else.
    I think that Unbounce is not the best option out there.
    There is click funnel, but they will creat you all funnel, something that not always needed in promoting your affiliate offers.
    Anyway, maybe there is someone with more experience that will help you with this question about which builder is the best for affiliate marketer and for creating awesome LP's.
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  4. TravelingAffiliate

    TravelingAffiliate Affiliate affiliate

    The general idea of what you are saying is defiantly, I guess it's one of the thing that people should include in their landing pages.
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  5. Maxxx333

    Maxxx333 Affiliate affiliate

    this is a good thread dude!
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  6. TravelingAffiliate

    TravelingAffiliate Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks Max, appreciate it!!
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  7. Certified

    tyoussef Moderator moderator Certified Vendor Service Manager affiliate

    Hey @ProMunch actually i am supersized reading your thread :) .
    actually i thought about this a long time ago and we guild a tool that's solving this exact problem .
    it's PureLander .

    No coding

    PureLander Contains the best of the best templates :).

    exactly it's only 25USD for each 6 months :) <=> 4USD for each month :) .

    Don't need to hire anybody and you can organize your landing pages in folders and all that things :) .

    am i right ?.
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  8. TravelingAffiliate

    TravelingAffiliate Affiliate affiliate

    To be honest, every time I am here at the forum and looking for something related to design and landing page, I somehow get to your website.
    But I always ends confused about it, I am not sure what I need, and how to set up or use it, or what I get in your platform.
    Like to which other platform I can integrate it what are the features and even how to get my landing page live.
    And if it's fit's for affiliate marketing, and e-commerce and more.

    Any way, I see that now you also improved the design on the website, that is good!!

    Thank you for reminding me it.
    Because now, my choice is, LeadPages.
    It's integrate to everything I need very easy and nice.

    Now I need to check yours and to decide.
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  9. Graybeard

    Graybeard Well-Known Member affiliate

    In keeping with your *click bait* title ( I approve).
    Here is an older (c. 2015) article I read the other day ... some still good ideas here.
    How to Write Killer Meta Descriptions for Better CTR | SEJ
    *forgot link :eek:
    My intent was the current value of special symbols in a page title or meta description influencing SERPs and SEO but the same ideas could be used in landing pages to increase CTR within the text body and the CTA statements.

    Graybeard, Jan 30, 2018

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  10. TravelingAffiliate

    TravelingAffiliate Affiliate affiliate

    Thanks about the link man!
    I will defiantly check it.
  11. Be my affiliate

    Be my affiliate New Member Marketplace Seller affiliate

    I have learned something from this thread. I appreciate
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  12. Ian James

    Ian James Affiliate affiliate

    Hi ProMunch,

    This is a nice thread you've started.

    I use your option 1.

    Hosting provider is SiteGround, with WordPress integration (seemless within the hosting).

    Inside my WP platform, I use Thrive Architect integrated with GetResponse, which lets you create amazing landing pages that would suit your multiple affiliate offers.

    Prices are relatively cheap for what you get.

    Hope this helps you.

    As Eric said, ClickFunnels is well know and loved, but it's a very expensive monthly outlay.
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  13. TravelingAffiliate

    TravelingAffiliate Affiliate affiliate

    Hapoy that this thread helped you!!
  14. TravelingAffiliate

    TravelingAffiliate Affiliate affiliate

    Yeah I am now doing the same.
    Option 1.
    But I am using Divi Builder.
    Amazing platform of Drag&Drop website building.

    On the way, I want to make a design like a vintage online store.

    There is a Wordpress/Elegant (Divi) theme for store look?