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  1. Harshit_770

    Seeking Help Promoting CPA offers using Giveaways.

    Hii everyone, 1. How am I supposed to promote giveaway offers on Instagram? I have a way to expose my giveaway to 1 million giveaway/sweepstake interested USA people... But how can I utilitse that?? I need approval before posting and they might not approve my simple " Free paypal giftcard...
  2. Graybeard

    Ask Me Anything #landing page {!important;}

    I saw a landing page that I wanted to reuse some of the main strategies; I am still wondering how effective the message box (websockets; refreshing messages) is --hmmm However, I outlined the elements that I liked ;)
  3. L

    Thanks for Adding me |New to Affiliate

    Hi Hustler, Thanks for adding me in this forum! I just started my journey in this realm and hoping to learn from this community. I might have a very elementary question and would appreciate any direction. To start with I'm thinking of running paid ads especially FB Thanks Lama
  4. D

    Digital Marketer & Graphic Designer

    Hello, My name is Dhiren and I am 15 years experience in Corporate Identity & Branding, Marketing Campaigns, Print Media, POP, POS Creative Designing, Outdoor Publicity, Print Design, Creative Graphics, Brochure, Flyer, Logo Design, Poster Design, Info Graphic Design, Label Design, Banner...
  5. S

    3 Keys To Making A High-Converting Landing Page

    When it comes to making an effective landing page there are really 3 keys things you should be doing if you want to get the highest conversion rates possible. The first key to making a high converting landing page is to write enticing headlines. These are often the first thing that a visitor to...
  6. TravelingAffiliate

    The Secret Other Successful Affiliates Don't Want You To Know!

    Ok, So just to make things clear there is no a real secret, just wanted to know if this Headline will catch your eyes. I know how much important is to make something that will catch your audience attention. Of course the first thing the will see will be the amazing creatives that you will need...
  7. Bloody Tourist

    $9 Landing Page Software (not kidding)

    Hey ninjas, if you're anything like me your mailbox probably exploded today with all kinds of crazy discounts and offers :) (Cyber Monday!) I deleted a lot of promos without even opening, but one of them caught my eye and I would would like to share it with you. If you're looking for a dirt...
  8. bcoelho

    Selling Awesome Landing Page Services

    Hi! My name is Bruno and I work at Mopiu, we’re a small design and development studio in Portugal. We specialise in landing pages for affiliates and internet marketers. We work to create high converting landing pages that look great and make money for our clients. Our landing page service...
  9. Talha Ch

    CPA product landing page for facebook ads?

    What type of landing page facebook likes for promoting any CPA offer on facebook, so that your account may not get banned?
  10. Mrinal

    Hello from Mrinal

    Hi all, I just join the Affiliatefix, hope to stay here and learn more about affiliate marketing. I am fresh new in affiliate, like to learn affiliate marketing. I am from Kolkata, India, a web and landing page designer, happy to help anyone if you have any query about custom web design and...