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How to successfully fill out a design brief form? Read below

Calvin Jones

Dear friends, I am running a design firm providing quality business logo design services for last five years. I would like to grab your attention on writing a design brief, especially those friends who are in the phase of business launch and brand management.

I always ask my designers to obtain a detail design brief from clients to avoid missing crucial brand aspects in a logo design. Because this brief works as a window that let us reach your vision, thoughts, preferences, likes and dislikes. It is necessary for a designer to obtain the right idea about customer expectations. Although logo designers are creative, they have to consider customer needs while designing the face of their brand.

Despite this care, we often receive clients’ feedbacks informing us that design is good but we didn’t include the font of their choice or they don’t like the accent colors. I always answer them politely that you didn’t put that in your design brief. I suggest everyone who is working on company logo should never ignore writing a detail design brief.

In order to avoid this kind of situation, customer should follow few simple things.

  • You must be 100% sure about what you don’t want to see in your company badge. For example the part of your company name is on any animal name like horse or lion, but you don’t want to include the image in your design, then inform logo maker before he started working on first draft.
  • Never start designing unless you are sure about your company name. It’s the waste of time for designer. It’s not sensible to ask them to deliver drafts for free with new company name. Moreover, it will cost you more.
  • Sensible customer usually left the selection of colors and fonts on their designers. However, if you have any preferences discuss with proofs.
So what is your opinion about writing a good design brief for a business logo design?