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  1. Calvin Jones

    How to successfully fill out a design brief form? Read below

    Dear friends, I am running a design firm providing quality business logo design services for last five years. I would like to grab your attention on writing a design brief, especially those friends who are in the phase of business launch and brand management. I always ask my designers to obtain...
  2. claudiaradau

    Let me introduce myself

    Hi guys, it's very nice to be here! :) I am Claudia, and I am the Affiliate Manager at affiliate program. I came here to "steal" a little info from you about affiliate marketing. I am currently trying to expand and try the best affiliate networks from the market. The thing is that...
  3. D

    Dear journal...

    Another day of my life where god forces me to live among this greedy society that forces me to either become a 9-5 slave or achieve financial freedom and live my own lifestyle... Yadda tadda blah blah I'm Matt and I am completely new in this world of online marketing! - I can do some kick ass...