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  1. dark/light

    content locking with cpalead

    hey everyone, i just joined the cpalead network, but I have a question regarding using the content locker. So I made a content locker using their content locker creator, and they gave me a Javascript Code code to insert it inside the <head> tag and a onclick code to insert it inside a button. I...
  2. N

    Creating a content locking page with Wordpress and Elementor

    I am not sure if this i the right forum to post in.. But i need some help. So I just found out about CPA marketing with content lockers. I have signed up for three networks and non of the support adult traffic. Now I would like to create a content locking page myself via Wordpress and...
  3. MyLead

    GUIDE: How to make money using Mobile Rewards?

    Mobile Rewards is a mechanism that in some ways looks a bit like an exchange transaction. How does it work? The app user performs an action from the list to receive a reward specially prepared by the developer. Completion of the task generates profit for the application owner, and at the same...
  4. MyLead

    Learn how to get $972.72 in 31 days using Content Lockers and WOM Marketing

    Who wouldn't despise the amount of USD 972.72? Are you wondering how to make this money yours? It's so simple! It’s already at your fingertips - ready to be paid out and sent to you at any time. The amount mentioned above is the money Michael managed to earn. Do you remember him? Michael was...
  5. MyLead

    Case Study: How to earn $515.20 in 21 days with Content Lockers

    Think about that, you do one thing and the amount of USD 515.20 appears on your account. Wouldn’t it be nice? All of that is waiting for you right now. You only have to do some mouse clicks. Simple! Let’s talk about Micheal, who regularly promotes computer games. Michael has been dealing with...
  6. S

    How can i get paid traffic to my cpa content locker

    Hello Evryone , how can i get paid traffic to my cpa content locker help please. niche of gaming
  7. thehustler

    Can we integrate content lockers?

    Can we integrate content locker from ogads/cpagrip/adworkmedia into content locker plugins like content locker pro from mythemeshop or any other standalone content locker plugins?
  8. thehustler

    I'm so stressed with CONTENT LOCKER

    - In my landing page, I have instructions on how to get access to the offers. People know they have to complete surveys to get them. - I capture email before that. - I got 13 emails in my list so 13 interested people... - Then, I got 0 leads in my cpagrip dashboard. Tell me what should I do...
  9. Bloody Tourist

    [FREE DOWNLOAD] Heart Of Vegas Landing Page

    Haven't shared stuff in a while and came across this lander when I was doing some cleaning on my cloud server. I used this in a content locker campaign a couple of months ago. The app is still pretty popular, so you should still be able to use it. Or modify it to something else. Just change...
  10. F

    a newbie needs help on cpagrip

    good day everyone. i"m just havin a little problem in my cpa journey and decided to seek for help. i registered in cpagrip, accout approve but i'm confuse on how to use their like locker and content locker. i usually thought that after locking a link and if a user want to access my link a...
  11. T

    Can an OG Ads Landing page be made using Wordpress?

    I already have a website for a business I own and it just so happens that the cheapest option for website hosting from the company I work with is a bundle deal in which I get hosting for up to 5 websites. With those four extra websites I was planning on getting involved in OG Ads and making...
  12. Azt3c

    How to use CONTENT LOCKER+Landing Page[OGADS]Help!

    I am confused ..I am trying to promote 'get free iphone and xbox' offers on instagram. I have read a lot of posts and yes I have read @game333 's post too. Can someone tell me what to do step by step? I already have made a content locker on OGads. And I've seen videos on YT where the guy tells...
  13. Elite Affiliates

    $1200 Bi-Weekly With Content Locking?

    Hey Guys, this isn't bragging - I want to help ANYONE that's struggling - so please don't hate on me!! Adgate Media are an incredible incentive CPA network, that I've been working with for a long time. The earnings below were achieved using content locking! :cool: They have some great...
  14. Walid Chaki

    Is Content locking still works ?

    Hey guys , hope you well :) I'd like to start promoting offers by doing content locking , and I have not a website for that can you please tell me if it's still working using this kind of promoting , ( i'd love to do it by free traffics) and is it neccessary to have a particular webstite niche...
  15. Bonnie Hammonds

    Partnership CPACash | High Rate Offers - Weekly Payment | Content Locking

    CPA Cash Your number one affiliate network. We will help you earn more cash from your websites, your apps, your content, your email campaigns Or anything else you do! Earn more from your games, apps or websites CPA Network is an exclusive CPA (Cost-Per-Action) Network that allows Affiliates to...

    Ahmed from EGYPT, Affiliate marketer since three years

    I am doing marketing since three years, i joined dozens of unhelpful programs, get frustrated till one week ago when i accepted through adwork media network, i am so happy , but still reading and studying everything about the phenomena of CPA, I wish i find great help in this awesome forum here...
  17. arunk89

    Make money playing with crazy fans' emotions.

    This is something my friend tried and tested and am going to going to do soon. So, you could say that this post is a case-study cum follow along. It is a very simple method on paper but does take some effort for it to take off. Basically, the idea is to create a inflammatory poll that would...
  18. hobitron

    Looking for self managed content locker

    I'm using content lockers for couple of years now. Some of the scripts i used: bhcb- blackhatcodebreaker, content locker pro and mighty locker. The problem is today most of the traffic is mobile and i cant find a script that support mobile. I want to put only android offers to android users and...
  19. D

    Affiliates Wanted Mgcash Media is looking for more affiliates - over 1300 direct incentive campaigns!