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  1. Bruno Semedo


    How much does it cost to start as an affiliate. To generate traffic, to build a Landing Page, to set up an autoresponder, etc?
  2. D

    Funnel with Rotating offers and sending the right follow up messages

    Hi All, Planning a funnel with Aweber as the autoresoponder like so: Landing/subscribe-page --> successful subscription --> Rotator --> will show either one of product A, B or C as the "custom URL". If product A is shown, I would like to trigger email follow-up series A (or campaign A), and...
  3. R

    Hey What's Up?

    I'm Riley Younger. I'm 22. I'm from a tiny town an hour southeast of Denver. I grew up learning to work for money. Trade time for money, and do hard physical manual labor in those hours making up the long days. ... and even longer weeks. You can't work enough in the day. And you can't work...
  4. John_Vianny

    Review Betasender TEST? (new autoresponder)

    Yesterday i've seen an ads regarding this new autoresponder called Betasender. It has the automation like ActiveCampaign, with "Go To" feature too (it allows you to set a contact to go to another point of the automation), and unbelievable... FREE til 5000 contacts...
  5. Eric Jee

    Email Marketing - The Modern Marketing Tool

    Throughout this entrepreneurship journey of being an online marketer and infopreneur, i've been asked constantly why is it so important to build an email list? Here's my take: You don't have a business unless you are building a list. Most affiliate marketer do this business as a hit and run...
  6. A

    Best Email Autoresponder

    Hello, I'm here to tell you about the most popular and powerful Email Autoresponder. With this you can collect emails, automatic send emails to your selected list. Create good looking Landing pare, Optin-page or anything you want. It have step by step video tutorial to setup you first project...
  7. John_Vianny

    SendLane Is Good or Not?

    Ive seen lots of Solo Ad seller advice the new autoresponder SendLane. Even JvZoo has partnered with them. It's said that SendLane has the ability to deliver the message at the most opening time the users have opened the previous ones.... IS IT TRUE? Ive also red about some users who has...
  8. John_Vianny

    Which Autoresponder Has "Go To" (or Jump To) feature in automation?

    I've been using ActiveCampaign since it started and it's good unless they do not like affiliation marketing, in fact they're against accordin to their TOS. But they have a feature i like so much: "GoTo" option, which allows to make the prospect 'jump' to a part of the automation. Which means...
  9. John_Vianny

    ActiveCampaign VS SendLane: which is the best?

    I use ActiveCampaign and now i signed up also with SendLane. Which is the best in your opinion? ActiveCampaign of course has more about automation: it has designed primarly for that. SendLane has automation too, less choices than ActiveCampaign, but it has also opt-in page builder. They are...
  10. S

    Offers for autoresponder

    Hello, guys It would mean the world to me if you answer the following question! Here is it: Should I mix the theme of the offers I put in the auresponder emails? For example, should I send 2-3 products for Facebook, then 4 products for eCom ...etc? Or is it better to send one for Facebook...