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Which Autoresponder Has "Go To" (or Jump To) feature in automation?

Discussion in 'Email Marketing' started by John_Vianny, Nov 26, 2016.

  1. John_Vianny

    John_Vianny Affiliate affiliate

    I've been using ActiveCampaign since it started and it's good unless they do not like affiliation marketing, in fact they're against accordin to their TOS.

    But they have a feature i like so much: "GoTo" option, which allows to make the prospect 'jump' to a part of the automation.

    Which means that as an example you set the main branch of the automation, and if the leads does not open a mail you can open another branch and re-send it or send another, and after that you can put back the leads to the main automation at the point after the split.
    Without makin X numbers of automations, but with only one and so more clean.

    I didnt find any other autoresponder (except Infusionsoft which is expensive) havin it, no Getresponse, no Aweber, no Sendlane, etc...

    ...anyone knows an autoresponder which has it and allows affiliate marketing?
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