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  1. Honeybadger

    Ask Me Anything How to get things done in 2023

    its a simple strategy to get basic tasks done --> not whole projects! anybody can copy this make a list of basic tasks list your waking hours (like 05:00 thru 22:00 is 17 hrs) next to your list make new column write 17 things to do --> 1 thing every hour if you dont finish then make a new time...
  2. John_Vianny

    Which Autoresponder Has "Go To" (or Jump To) feature in automation?

    I've been using ActiveCampaign since it started and it's good unless they do not like affiliation marketing, in fact they're against accordin to their TOS. But they have a feature i like so much: "GoTo" option, which allows to make the prospect 'jump' to a part of the automation. Which means...