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Are you buying, selling (or holding) Bitcoin/BTC?
Very interested to hear your BTC trading experience, positive or negative
  • What's the best BTC trading platform?
  • Where do you get your BTC news?
  • Have you made affiliate commission from BTC?
  • Do you think BTC value will keeping going up?
ufc 190 cryptocurrency GIF

This GIF is for you @Graybeard :p
Great choice! I'm still on the shallow to mid-depth ends as well, crypto is one tough nut to crack and I just enrolled myself in a Nas Academy class for crypto to learn from that crypto billionaire hahaa
I was looking at XLM (Stellar) last night. @just under 0.62

Why LOL (roll the dice)

I look at my management lists too :rolleyes:

Greek Shipping Bulk carriers

See why they are "death watch stock?" :D
When they reach ± 0.05% they are at a possible purchase target (or a new downgrade).
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Most Crypto news is disinformation if you ask me.
Use Google News make a search category.
Melon Husk is the new crypto-guru these days 'till the SEC shuts him up :D

I have 10 BC's somewhere and have never found them. I got them as a gag gift back in late 2009. I have a couple of dozen Barracuda drives and I know they are on there somewhere. I've looked dozens of times and still can't find them or the access instructions. I think they were worth around a dime each or something then.
He announced today that he will no longer accept BitCoin as payment for his cars.
After he pumped and dumped. TSLA revenues were very shady -- including a short-term gain on BTC LMAO. Musk is pushing the limits ...
Is it worth getting into trading?
I like the idea of spreading it around
Fingers in different pies
Many irons in the fire
Lots of pots all collecting rain drops
But only willing to risk money on BTC that I can afford to lose
Right now couple hundred dollars not a big deal
That said, affiliate pro version software is top priority
Not a Winner --no chicken dinner!
Dorsey is looking like Saddam Jr :D

In Square’s most recent quarterly earnings, published on May 6, the company said it had lost $20 million on its Bitcoin investment despite its fair value rising to $472 million based on market prices.
Well I don't wanna catch a falling knife
But I've now invested $200 in BTC
Waited for it to drop below $40k
Now $37k !!
It's definitely gonna go back up
Why? A hunch
Based on the number of people invested
Too many would lose