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  1. aodaili

    Ask Me Anything Looking for the project teams who want to promote their coins!

    I’m Shirley from CoinLean. This is a new platform for advertising crypto coins. It’s free without any cost to list your token. We are constantly growing and have traffic of 20-40k visitors per day. Do you want me to add your token to there? please Dm me to list Telegram:@SJ0618
  2. W

    Ask Me Anything Crypto and forex leads

    Fresh crypto and forex leads. 1-3 weeks old Any country available. name last name email phone numb brand name contact info telegram; T malboro4
  3. W

    Selling Crypto and forex leads

    Hot crypto and forex leads 1-3 weeks old Name Last Name email pass phone num brand name deposit Contact info Telegram; T,malboro4
  4. MariaL

    LIVE CRYPTO TRAFFIC NEEDED - Weekly payouts - High CR - AI technology - all GEOs

    CPA network Trafficon (ex BoaElite) Looking for crypto traffic top AU / CA / Nordics / ES / CH / NL / BE / IT / UK strong tier - 2 exotics special mandarin desks weekly - daily payouts on CPA postpay base For all the details Skype: live:.cid.d23c553cbddcadf1
  5. Honeybadger

    Who's buying Bitcoin?

    Are you buying, selling (or holding) Bitcoin/BTC? Very interested to hear your BTC trading experience, positive or negative What's the best BTC trading platform? Where do you get your BTC news? Have you made affiliate commission from BTC? Do you think BTC value will keeping going up? This GIF...
  6. Koro

    Journey to make money with "ShitCoins"

    My idea is to find such shitcoins at the very beginning and invest in them. And go out like a coin will spin a little. I want to find new potential. Yesterday I bought 1,000,000,000,000 XRP2 at the very beginning for a little more than $ 100, now it's already 800. I will keep you informed.
  7. Honeybadger

    Do you trade Bitcoin?

    I'm starting a crypto affiliate website and interested to know who uses bitcoin for trading and/or investment, if you want to add what you use it for, or if you know about Bitcoin affiliate marketing that's great too
  8. anna1906

    Hi there

    PAYDO opens up new opportunities for international online financial transactions to commercial entities, private entrepreneurs, merchants, freelancers and other professionals who require a simple but at the same time convenient method of accepting and sending payments with a minimum of...
  9. Honeybadger

    What's the best Bitcoin wallet in 2021?

    I want to transfer $1k from PayPal into Bitcoin What's the best wallet for a newbie?
  10. Nizar Ali

    Crypto x PureVPN = Earn More $$$

    Hello Buddies, PureVPN is one of the top 3 VPN services around the globe and we are continuously on the lookout for partners on YouTube that are working in the crypto space. We have seen our current Crypto affiliates grow immensely in terms of earnings. You can most definitely be one of them...
  11. Dibya Sahoo

    Any recommendation on few most active forums for crypto?

    There are a lot of telegram groups and many online forums too. But, I am looking for some free open community (something similar to how we have StackOverflow is there for developers). Thank you in advance!
  12. David Mali

    $21k in BTC

    Hey Guys i invested in BTC when the value was 8k logged in my account and was impressed !! 33k?! is it really going for $50k ? or should i cash out
  13. Honeybadger

    Bitcoin - What do I need to know?

    Bitcoin I want to learn about Bitcoin, for Payment method Investment Affiliate marketing Where is best place to start learning?
  14. IrakliC

    Africa, cryptocurrencies, push-notifications: how to earn $1235 in 3 weeks

    Moving from Financial Brazil to Crypto-South Africa. In this case study, the advertiser didn’t miss the opportunity to play on people’s desire to get rich. So, he actually didn’t and earned $1235 in 3 weeks. Read below to learn how. Offer: Bitcoin code (CPA) Period: 26.08-15.09 TS: Kadam...
  15. ProfitPixels

    Affiliates Wanted Profit Pixels - Premium In-house Forex & Crypto CPA Deals Up To $1100. Native-Speaking Call-Centers

    Profit Pixels provides next-gen funnels with an implemented machine-learning algorithm that allows sending your traffic to most convertible brokers at the moment. Here at Profit Pixels, you can find dozens of In-house offers with professional native-speaking call centers worldwide. (24/7 active...
  16. anandbernard

    Crypto Media Networks

    Hey, I was looking for some best places to run as for crypto wallets and currency. Facebook and Google have a lot of restrictions while running these offers. So I need some platform where we can run, what's your opinion on Native ads. If any course or ebook please recommend me. Thanks, Anand...
  17. Edgar Grant

    Network Wanted Which Affiliate Network Is Really Good To Promote Crypto Exchange?

    Hello, I am looking a good affiliate network to join as crypto broker / exchange. I have contacted a number of mid-grade networks, but none of them reported any successful track record on similar businesses. Since most of them are asking for upfront fee or have minimum 6 month subscription...
  18. ben gu

    How to monetize crypto leads?

    Have some crypto leads from different GEOs. Leads have name, last name and e-mail. I would appreciate if someone give me an advice how can I use the leads? ;) Can this data help me to run a crypto offer?o_O Please advice...
  19. S

    Hi friends! Hallo Freunde! Hola amigos! Bonjour mes amis!

    Hello, My name is Sergey, I'm the Head of Digital Partnerships at ECOS. I write to introduce my company ECOS, we manage large turnkey projects in infrastructure, energy and real estate. We are currently working towards a massive expansion of our Fintech division which provides bitcoin mining...
  20. Muhammad Hamza

    Selling Traffic CPA traffic available

    Hi We have traffic for Forex/Crypto, Finance, Loans, Gambling, Health, Dating & Nutra on CPA basis. Join us as advertiser & launch your campaigns with us Registration - AdsWick Next Generation CPA Network Regards AdsWick Sales