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  1. Honeybadger

    Who's buying Bitcoin?

    Are you buying, selling (or holding) Bitcoin/BTC? Very interested to hear your BTC trading experience, positive or negative What's the best BTC trading platform? Where do you get your BTC news? Have you made affiliate commission from BTC? Do you think BTC value will keeping going up? This GIF...
  2. M

    CPA Network looking (Paying crypto)

    Hello For me, the CPA company that pays me a weekly bitcoin or any other alternative crypto. It will be in the companies you use. The main thing is to pay in crypto and get different ready-made templates (like cpabuild). I would like to thank each of you.
  3. J

    Bitcoin Cloud Mining offers - your experience as an affiliate

    Hi! I'm analizing weather to propose to add this vertical to our network or not, but I still haven't made up of my mind... What do you think about it? -Are you promoting these type of offers? what is your experience? -what things do you expect from promoting these brands? -how is the conversion...
  4. TouTrixAnn

    TouTrix Ad Media - Introduction

    Hey guys, My name is Ann and I'm one of the support working for TouTrix Ad Media to which we buy/sell website traffic. We do accept any kind of traffic whether it be adult or not. Just contact me and I`d be more than happy to conduct business with you. You can reach me on my skype: TouTrixAnn