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Who uses YouTube for marketing?


I do know couple of people who use YT for marketing, and they are quite successful, you know. It was quite a dubious idea, but nowadays everything is fine. Guess that everything because the determination of target audience on YT is much easier, rather than in other social media.

I wanted to start off marketing on this platform but I didn't have enough knowledge those times and nowadays I am busy with another resources. So, if you will determine TA correctly, then you will not have any difficulties.


YT marketing is hard after updates, it's very important to have solid account (preferably 5-10 years old) with some subscribtions or old videos. At least that's what I see when I check channels of big niches top 5. Lots of trial and error.


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My brother constantly creates promotional videos, though I can't say that he directly earns a lot from this.
Sometimes, you keep trying because you believe in what you are doing. That said, I have wasted a lot of time and money just trying. You can make 6 figures or more when something 'clicks' as the result of your trying new ideas. Sometimes you will win --most of the time you will lose. Win big and lose small. If you don't put your money on the wood and try --you can never win.



For a while I thought this would work. But if you do everything manually, you will lose a lot of time. It would be nice to find a suitable panel for you to automatically throw your advertisement in one click.