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  1. Kenrik

    Seeking Help What are the best social media platforms as your perspectives?

    We have all experienced with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.. there will be new social media hubs in future. What is your favourite one & Why? Appreciate your replies!
  2. A

    I need a little help with the traffic on Youtube + cpa

    Hi my name is Albert, and for a month I'm still trying to promote cpa offers on Youtube . I found out almost all the things related to Youtube + CPA . Just por and simple does not work , maybe I'm wrong somewhere. I want to know if someone can help me . Thanks in advance
  3. AndersLarsson

    Researching YouLikeHits - What am I missing?

    Hi, I'm doing a research for my next video about YouLikeHits. It is a traffic exchange site where you earn points by doing tasks like viewing YouTube videos, subscribing and liking. Not only YouTube but many other social media sites. Starting with 200 Points I added my blog page. I configured it...
  4. Honeybadger

    Meet Up Getting Started With Awin Product Feeds (Wordpress)

    Getting started with Product Feeds, a guide for WordPress publishers March 23, 2022 Set your YouTube reminder -->
  5. Honeybadger

    YouTube Question

    I am subscribed to over 200 YouTube channels Nearly 50 of them are official Google channels I want to create a new subscriptions list needs to have around 30 channels only containing the channels of software I use how can I do this? It's like creating a new TV channel but I don't want to create...
  6. Y

    How to Grow a YouTube Channel Fast: 13 Tips to Getting More Views and Subscribers on YouTube

    Did you know that more people use YouTube than Facebook? YouTube is the second most visited site in the world. The average person logs over 21 minutes per visit and views more than 11 pages. Given that YouTube is accessible on almost any device, from smartphones to television screens, it’s no...
  7. A

    subscribers on my youtube channel

    Hi everyone; please how can i increase my subscribers on my youtube channel? thank you very much for your help
  8. Honeybadger

    Scramble !! Google Algorithm Update (Video)

    Google just posted this search algorithm update video 1 --> Page experience update begins mid June, rollout slowly over 2 months, from mid August goes mainstream 2 --> Google updated video best practice documentation (watch 2nd video) - if you want your...
  9. Honeybadger

    Best Affiliate Marketing YouTube Channels in 2021?

    This is a list of my latest affiliate marketing related YouTube subs It's like having my own free affiliate marketing TV channel (with notifications!) Have you got any recommendations to add? Posting list in parts as max images allowed is 40 per post List is random order automatically by YouTube...
  10. Honeybadger

    VIDEO: How To Build High Converting Landing Pages!

    I found these 4 amazing ecommerce conversion optimization tutorials on You Tube channel of Landing Page Guys
  11. Honeybadger

    Can You Post YouTube Remix Videos With Affiliate Ads?

    I have wanted to create remix videos since I started using the internet, but just never got around to learning it Since becoming affiliate I noticed many remix videos with millions of views on YouTube and ads, so got me into thinking - can it be monetized? Country Roads Remix Can you generate...
  12. Honeybadger

    Top 50 Most Visited Websites in the World

    Visual Capitalist posted a list of the world's 50 most visited websites, seems to be based on 2020 research View the full list --> Ranked: The 50 Most Visited Websites in the World Some interesting statistics Google and Google-owned YouTube (together) receive more monthly visits (127 billion)...
  13. softshop

    youtube channel

    Hello how can you increase the number of subscribers in your youtube channel? how many comments should you post per day? thanks
  14. Honeybadger

    Google has updated video best practises

    Read documentation to see updated checklist for publishing content with video Google posted this video on the same day, March 17
  15. Honeybadger

    Free Paid Marketing Full Course (10 hours)

    I subscribe to Simplilearn on You Tube It just posted this free video course about paid advertising No signup it's all on You Tube, 10 hours long I have no connection apart from being a subscriber Simplilearn have 900,000 subscribers So it is legit channel
  16. snakemaster

    Who uses YouTube for marketing?

    Curious who uses YT for marketing, and how you make your Vids., I found this guide on the net and was hoping on getting some thoughts. A beginners guide to using videos. **Edited by Admin** Emulating links to avoid your post minimum is forbidden.
  17. Honeybadger

    Mindblowing You Tube Statistics for 2021

    25 YouTube Statistics that May Surprise You Posted February 2, 2021
  18. Honeybadger

    PPC: Should I ignore Google Search in 2021?

    Need new traffic source in 2021 Know almost nothing about You Tube ads (just 95% irrelevant ads) Maybe in 2021 will just do You Tube ads? Really target for customer intent search about product Customer search --> 'how to trim nostril hair?' My product --> Nostril hair trimmer video Is it good...
  19. Ron C

    YouTube Landing Pages. Help!

    For Google Ads, the landing pages are more of content-rich and serves the search intent. Logically, since the person is searching for something and the ad is only a one-liner, it makes sense. But for YT ads, how should the landing pages be? About us, privacy policy, terms of service and...
  20. 8020 Master

    Which one is better for conversions: email marketing or social media marketing?

    The case is clear for EMAIL over social: • 57% of email subscribers spend 10-60 minutes browsing marketing emails during the week. (ChoozOn) • Knowledge workers on average spend 13 of their working hours each week in their email inbox. (McKinsey & Company) • Email is 40x more successful at...