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  1. snakemaster

    Who uses YouTube for marketing?

    Curious who uses YT for marketing, and how you make your Vids., I found this guide on the net and was hoping on getting some thoughts. A beginners guide to using videos. **Edited by Admin** Emulating links to avoid your post minimum is forbidden.
  2. Md. Masudul Hasan

    Offer Wanted Any youtube monetization program in here?

    Hello All Have a wonderful day. Here have huge and huge affiliate marketing programmer and agencies are available? From you all I need to know an easy youtube monetization program? I have a youtube channel for more than 3 years. There I distribute some SEO techniques. Do you know any easy...
  3. AdVideos

    Does YT worth to make ads on?

    My colleagues usually tell me that YT is now more popular to make ad videos for, but I can't really see is it true or not. Is conversion on YT good?
  4. AdVideos

    What is more efficient for ads FB or YT?

    Hi everyone, Every time I hear different opinions on this topic and can't really understand what is the most efficient for ads? Or mb they are for different aims, what can you say?
  5. K

    CIRCLE 22

    I am part of a community owned software company and also have the ability to make webinars and commercials for you own ROkU TV channel and firestick coming soon Programs I have are from Tier 5 software a community owned company, here is a little information and three free programs. J I am...
  6. G

    I am Gabriel from Veedkit - Come say hello!

    Heyaz Affiliate Fix! I would like to introduce Veedkit to this community. Veedkit is a unique solution for Online Marketers and Affiliate Managers, we provide one of a kind Video Ads and Promotional Videos for comprehensive Online Marketing campaigns. Big or Small, it doesn't really matter -...
  7. hellimac

    Incentive videos offers

    Hello, I would like to add incentive videos in my Android Application, but I don't know what offer to use. I have seen plenty of websites with this sort of offers, like nativeX, ADXMI, Revmob, etc... but there are several things that I would like to know : 1. I would like an offer that could...