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What's the best way to introduce our Affiliate Program?


Affiliate Manager
Affiliate Manager
LionFinch Affiliate Program
Hello Everyone,

We're LionFinch and makers of Award Winning Consumer Household products.

We specialize in bedroom and bathroom products that are both eco-friendly and sustainable.

What's the best way to promote our affiliate program?

We launched our LeadDyno system under the name LionFinch after reading and comparing other platforms thought that it might be the time to get input and recommendations from the affiliate community.

Would love to get your input on:

#1 What's the best way to introduce our affiliate program

#2 We're offering 20% Commission for the life of the client. Our 5 year per average customer buys each year- $238 ($47.60 commission per client) on the first year and $172 on the second year ($34.40).

Since we sell a lot of bed wetting and mattress protective covers, we work with tons of buyers in the home health care industry, baby bed wetting coaches and all types of senior care centers.. so they reorder all the time.

Would love to get your feedback and opinions!


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Hi TJ!

Thanks for the quick Tutor.. Mr. Tutor.. Really appreciate your help.. rookie.. here.. so the more the help the better!!

Hey TJ! Does Affiliate Fix or affkit have an affiliate program to promote this awesome forum? BTW, congrats on being acquired by Wired. Will anything change about the forum?