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new affiliate

  1. juliohoyos

    Hi! (:

    Hello everyone! My name is Julio from Bolivia and I'm starting my CPA marketing journey. Ended up here because I got accepted in MaxBounty and your forum was mentioned in their reading material. I already browsed a bunch of stuff related to CPA so I knew that this was the place to learn more...
  2. Mobisummer

    Hello new friends!

    Hey guys! This is Mobisummer, it's our pleasure to meet you all! Looking forward to talking about affiliate marketing and sharing everything we know about it! Thumbs Up
  3. K


    Hi, This is Kclepius. Glad to join on board for Affiliate Marketing. Any help and suggestion is appreciated.
  4. Youssef_oukassi


    My profession is my languages skills i will translate any type of docoument or video from english to arabic or french and vice versa i need help to get hired so i would appreciate it if you know someone who is seeking this service please inform and thank you


    Hello, i m a newbie in Affiliate marketing searching for simple stratégies to start
  6. Tizzers

    Hello, Hallo, Hiya!

    Hi, My name is Tasha and I'm a current student of Igor Kheifets. I am doing what he is telling me to do in his Elite Traffic Pro 2.0 program, so I am reaching out! I'm here to promote the following programs and I'm looking for long term relationships with a CPA network! The One Funnel Away...
  7. Andy Jonatan

    2 months in....

    Hi All, As the title states, it has been two months since I started on this adventure that was recommended by my sons. I did not know anything about or how to start this process. I was able to obtain the STM videos and all it did was confuse me more. Currently am more seasoned but still...
  8. J

    Advice to new Affiliate Marketer

    Hi, I am James, new affiliate marketer, beginner in this. Currently I am a affiliate for online training courses in Internet Marketing. I have created Business fb pages and done networking through friends. Any advice on how to move forward and make sales through free marketing?
  9. Shela star

    Thank you for approval of my account in few hours

    Hi guys im shela im cam model also im started webmaster or affiliate members on many sites thanks in advance or sorry for my bed English
  10. De3k

    New to the affiliate marketing

    Hey I am still new to affiliate marketing I have tried a few things like fb ads, buyandsellads, and google ads, I have probably spent like $200 between fb ads and Google ads but have not gotten any conversions. Buy and sell ads closed my account before running my ad. Does anyone recommend a good...
  11. Vlad_13


    Hi! I'm Vlad, i'm 28 and I based in Moscow. I have experience working in affiliate networks. Now I am fully engaged in affiliate marketing. I have been trying to make profitable cases. Perhaps soon you will see him on this forum.
  12. Beasty76

    New to Affiliate Marketing

    I've recently opened an ecommerce shop and am very interested in learning all the details to run a successful shop, understand how to scale and, most importantly, not close shop in my first year. All of your help and articles are going to be a tremendous asset as I get myself up to speed!
  13. nareshsbc

    Thank you for having me here

    This is Naresh from India. I have good experience in running online marketing campaigns . Looking forward for good affiliate programs and in making good money and great friends too. Thank you.
  14. enjoyinglife

    Review Leading Networks like 'MarketCall' & newbie Affiliates, are they friendly ?

    I believe NOOOO, as far as how last one week passed. I tried to request most of them one by one or even tried Signed up for 'Marketcall' 3 days ago, a manager was assigned to me (or just their automated system assigned me one). I was excited enough to msg her on skype...
  15. roiminds

    Newbie here - My first post in Affiliate Marketing

    Thanks AffiliateFix Admins for creating this wonderful platform where the amazing marketers can congregate. I'm new to affiliate marketing but have 7 years of experience in Facebook and Google Ads doing the same for clients. I recently got interested in Affiliate Marketing and have gone...
  16. Edward the video animator

    Hi! Guys video animator here and also new to Affiliate marketing

    Hi there guys! I am new here and want to help others as much as i can, also willing to learn affiliate marketing so, i can live my dream life. THanks
  17. MILK

    Starting my affiliate business - Advise Wanted

    Hey everyone, as of right now I am officially unemployed. I'm going to start looking for a night job, but my plan is to be an affiliate marketer full time. Meaning anything I do for money to survive will be just for that. Right now I'm in phase one of my plan, which is education. From what I've...
  18. Bstone

    Just Joined

    Hi All; I’m new to the forum. I have been in SEO and Web Development for 10+ years. I’m very familiar with Wordpress and how to drive traffic. I understand PPC, Social Networking, and a little bit of HTML and CSS coding. I know how to set up websites and get them ranking on Google. I’m a...
  19. VividreamLiving


    Hi Everyone, I'm new to affiliate marketing but not new to the basics of online marketing as I've been testing out different methods to boost my real estate business in Michigan for the last three years. I'm looking for some alternative ways to promote my real estate business, blogs and videos...
  20. T

    seeking affiliates for B2B product - logo creation product

    hi all, I work as affiliate manger at Tailor Brands affiliate program. Tailor brands is a leading AI platform for logo and branding feature creation. The logo creation industry is still very young but has already a very interesting search volume and not yet too crowded in affiliates. The logo...