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  1. LionFinch

    What's the best way to introduce our Affiliate Program?

    Hello Everyone, We're LionFinch and makers of Award Winning Consumer Household products. We specialize in bedroom and bathroom products that are both eco-friendly and sustainable. What's the best way to promote our affiliate program? We launched our LeadDyno system under the name...
  2. Natural Revenue

    Affiliates Wanted Incentive Central!

    Hello! I hope every one is having a prosperous New Year! At Natural Revenue we have incentives coming out of our eyes for our affiliates along with other great benefits!! The more sales you make the more commission you make but also the more bonus money you make! over 20 sales could get you an...
  3. Natural Revenue

    Announcement Great incentvies every month for Affs!

    Natural Revenue is now accepting new affiliates and one benefit with us is we have great incentives every month to keep our Affs motivated, because when you are successful we are successful! ;) For example our incentives for December were! - more than 100 sales: 100€ - more than 50 sales...
  4. F

    Do merchants approve incentive or cash back affiliates?

    Hello, Can anyone tell me which one of these is OK with merchants or all for affiliating ? Affiliate commission sharing with registered member Cashback Coupon side Incentives e.g reward points for purchases on merchant site?