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  1. David Mali

    $50k in commissions on warriorplus!

    Hey Guys :) Today I've Reached $50k in Affiliate Commissions on Warriorplus Nearly $50k :D and i didn't think i would say this ever, but to me warriorplus is the best affiliate network out there, better even than clickbank if you're an affiliate and don't have an account, you're missing a lot
  2. Alex Maxim

    Best First 30 Days Commission Incentives for New Merchant Programme?

    Hey there guys, I hope that this post finds you all keeping well, and having a wonderful start to the weekend. The company I represent is now deciding on its affiliate programme's first 30 days commission incentives. The aim is to quickly attract quality affiliates who can begin to drive...
  3. LionFinch

    What's the best way to introduce our Affiliate Program?

    Hello Everyone, We're LionFinch and makers of Award Winning Consumer Household products. We specialize in bedroom and bathroom products that are both eco-friendly and sustainable. What's the best way to promote our affiliate program? We launched our LeadDyno system under the name...