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SEO updates for 2020

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimisation' started by Nilesh Jha, Dec 30, 2019.

  1. Nilesh Jha

    Nilesh Jha Affiliate affiliate

    Here we are now working on SEO for 2020. Any pointers you would like to mention here that would be beneficial in the following year.
  2. Voluum
  3. A.A. Qureshi

    A.A. Qureshi Service Manager Service Manager affiliate

    Since the search engines are evolving day by day and day, it's very important to understand that the SEO strategies used by webmasters and SEO Experts also need to be evolved. Although, the Internet is full of blogs and articles that are much help but I'll give you a few points that'll play a key role in your SEO strategy for 2020:

    Works on Snippets
    Snippets as you appear on top and of the search results and are responsible for stealing most of the clicks. As per, Search Engine People 54.68% of the clicks originate from featured snippets offered by Google.

    For making snippet friendly content try answering some commonly asked questions for your audience.
    This approach is used by the search engine for improving the search experience of its users.

    Leverage Influencer Marketing
    The conventional method of promotion that is advertisements are being now ruled out by influencer marketing. The reason behind this is people are more interested in getting real user reviews for buying products and services, thus leveraging the power of influencer marketing is the perfect method for doing so.

    As the stats by Linqia speak that in 2018 about 39% of the marketers planned to increase their influencer marketing budget thus, by 2020 it's going to increase more.

    Improve Site Security
    Although website security doesn't have much related to SEO, for sake of user experience it plays a key role. Understand it like this if the user doesn't feel safe then he or she will not interact with your site thus, there is a chance that they might bounce off your page very quickly.

    Thus, it is very important to enable the HTTPs protocol for your site.

    Voice Search Optimization
    Voice search has been a booming technology in the recent past, with the invention of smart devices such as Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa. Thus, I would acknowledge optimizing copy with the users’ voice intent to be necessary for 2020.

    Mobile-Friendly Pages
    Due to the exponential growth in mobile users, it has become a necessity more than a trend for creating mobile-friendly pages. As per Tech Jury, there are:
    • 2.7 million smartphone users
    • Google produced 96% of U.S. Mobile organic search visits
    Thus, you can if the pages are not mobile-friendly then as a site owner you might be missing upon the huge opportunity for ranking your pages.

    AI for User Intent
    The goal of search engines is to not provide the user with the information typed in the type box but what the user is actually looking for. This is where AI plays an important role in understanding the users' search intent.

    Curating Quality Content
    Curating high-quality content has always been an important factor if we are talking of SEO, but it will grow even more in the come years.

    These are some important tips that can help you in 2020 with your SEO strategy. For more information check MakeWebBetter's blog on Strategies to Boost Organic Traffic on your Site in 2020.

    Thank You !!
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  4. Naraazimova

    Naraazimova Affiliate affiliate

    I think quality website , quality article, quality hosting is main factor of seo as always
  5. Sharmilarock

    Sharmilarock Affiliate affiliate

    • Zero-click searches are the new normal.
    • Do your best to optimize for Rich and Featured snippets.
    • Local SEO is changing.
    • The machines are here to stay.
    • Brand building should be a priority.
  6. msulcs

    msulcs Member Marketplace Seller affiliate

    Link-building will always be important. Only you need to focus on high-quality links, not some spammed worthless links.
  7. Branding By 8

    Branding By 8 Affiliate affiliate

    Its time to do quality work, create backlinks on do-follow sites.
  8. kavita bhaskar

    kavita bhaskar Affiliate affiliate

    I mean there are lot of changes happening in SEO this year & upcoming years . i will write down what i observed over these months
    1) Voice Search Optimization
    2) Backlinks are still important
    3) Videos Content to surge
    4) Google focusing on User intent
    5) Focus on Mobile approach