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  1. moneydrop2021

    Writing SEO-based Cornerstone Article With High Keyword Difficulty

    I am creating an SEO article for my website, which will be the cornerstone. I've been researching related keywords, which are extremely difficult to rank. On the other hand, I've found some keywords that I can use for orphaned articles, and their relative keyword difficulty is either moderate or...
  2. moneydrop2021

    Constant Improvement For SEO-based Articles

    Even though it is far from perfect, I am currently stoked with WriteSonic. So here's my plan to write content daily and post it on my website blog: Main Priorities: Achieve 100% originality. For product reviews, ensure correct dimensions and summaries of the products. Write a...
  3. riseupseos

    SEO Tactics 2023!

    Keyword research: Identify the keywords that your target audience is searching for and use them in the content on your website. High-quality content: Write information that is interesting, well-written, and beneficial to attract and keep the audience. Build Backlinks: Get links from other...
  4. P

    Why Google stop page rank algorithm?

    Hii, friends I need your opinions on why the google stops page rank algorithm?
  5. kingmati

    What is Keyword Targeting in SEO?

    Keyword targeting in SEO is to target a particular keyword around which new content is created or old content is optimized. All this is done to rank your website at the top. Remember to target only those keywords that are related to your niche. Below is the process on how you can choose a...
  6. kingmati

    Are misspelled keywords useful for SEO?

    The simple answer is no, you should not use misspelled keywords for the purposes of SEO. And here's a couple of reasons why. First, to rank well for a phrase each page should be optimized for 1 main a few supporting phrases. So, if you want to rank a page for a misspelled keyword, you should...
  7. kingmati

    What is a generic keyword in SEO?

    Keywords that broadly define the goods or services are known as generic keywords. They have a broader scope and can help you attract customers who are looking for something unique but don't have a specific brand or place in mind. Since generic keywords have a higher monthly search volume than...
  8. Honeybadger

    Ubersuggest Pro Traffic Campaign 2021

    Started using pro version of Neil Patel's Ubersuggest SEO software yesterday $500 is no small investment for software Was it worth the money? This thread will be about my experience with Ubersuggest Will try to add screenshots where possible You can sign up for the free version and try out...
  9. Honeybadger

    Capz ?

    How can I make post tags have capitalized letters? Trying to optimize tags for Google/Bing/Yaho/DuckDuckGo, So forum gets more organic search traffic Example From --> affiliate marketing in 2021 To --> Affiliate Marketing in 2021 URL --> TY
  10. Honeybadger

    Using Wordpress? Activate Google Site Kit

    Google Site Kit is the best plug-in I've used for integrating Google Analytics with your Wordpress site, and displaying this data in your WP dashboard, it gives you fast actionable insights about how to improve your site (these changes are very new) Site Kit displays this data in WP dashboard...
  11. Honeybadger

    SEO Question --> On-Page #Anchor Considered a Link?

    Customer is browsing site Example. Customer clicks hyper link (to anchor on same page) Example. Is it considered like any other link? Will bounce rate drop to zero?
  12. Honeybadger

    Arrest Warning for SEO Meta Description

    You have the right to provide an appropriate meta description. Your meta description will be compared with your on-page content, to be used in Google search engine results pages. You have the right to monitor your competitor's meta description before adding your own meta description. You have...
  13. SaSpa

    Review Web Traffic Articles - Search Engine Optimization - Keys To Success

    Keyword Research - This begins with a competitor analysis. There is always going to be someone out there doing it better for certain keywords. You want to be able to identify what they are doing and what keywords they are targeting. This will eliminate some of the leg work that you have to do...
  14. SEO Tripwire

    Affiliates Wanted SEO Website Tracking Tool Seeking Affiliates, 80% Commissions for Affiliates!

    Hi, SEO tripwire is a change detection tool that helps track changes to your important SEO elements on websites to help prevent your websites from falling out of Google's index. We are currently actively seeing affiliates to join our affiliate program and for a limited only, we are offering 80%...
  15. A.A. Qureshi

    Moz Bar Not Working

    I have been recently facing a problem with the Moz bar. I used it as a tool for knowing PA and DA, well most of you have been using it for the same purpose. But recently it is not showing me any value for the metric, does anyone know the reason behind this?
  16. A.A. Qureshi

    Are SEO Tools Accurate?

    After having participated in many forum discussions, I have been constantly asked this question are SEO tools accurate? There are much plenty of free and premium tools available in the market like SEMRush, Ubersuggest, Ahrefs, and many more. They all use different metrics to showcase your all...
  17. Nilesh Jha

    SEO updates for 2020

    Here we are now working on SEO for 2020. Any pointers you would like to mention here that would be beneficial in the following year.
  18. monicageller3691

    Google Insights and Google Trends

    Can you tell me the difference between Google trends and Google insights?
  19. devleadz

    seo and Google update

    Is google new update really target spin content?
  20. A

    How to invest in SEO correctly?

    Hi, I have just made a site and want to invest some money in SEO of my web. I see the next budget split: -Content writing.35% - Link building on top-tier websites 30% - Guest post creation 15% - Technical SEO optimization of my project 10% -Social marketing 10% What mistakes should I avoid...