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Promoting Free Google Play Apps and Games


So about a month ago, I bought two Android games and paid the $50 to have a Google Developer account. They're good games, and both available free on Google Play.

My problem is: I don't know how best to promote them. I bought a niche targeted Facebook group admin post on Fiverr, and had a decent response to the one app at first, but I'm still only at like 10 installs.

I know that when I browse the Google Play store, I only ever check the most popular free games. So getting into that top 200 or so is clearly the game changer. But how do I get there? Any ideas?

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I have a friend using GetNAp.


1. Build a website to feature your app. Be sure to build it for mobile and then expand the site to work with desktops.

2. Start writing, put together a well thought out and welcoming story about your app. Make three or versions of this story. No less than 500 words and closer to 700 or even 800 is better. Use a detail graduation method where the first and last paragraphs are summaries, but not identical. The center paragraphs should be detailed. Be sure to follow the rules of writing copy and get all of the points in. Be sure to put all of the pertinent links in long with screenshots and a video when applicable.

3. Use the articles you wrote as blog posts. Contact as many app-centric sites as you can and ask if you can add your article as a guest post or as a feature post. Be prepared to authorize link exchanges as well as article exchanges.

4. Try listing your apps at additional sites like the following:
Opera Mobile
Amazon Apps Store

5. Apply for Trophies
Appy Awards
Best App Ever Awards
AppCircus competition
Appsters Awards

The Webby Awards
Best Mobile App Awards
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Those are all great ideas. Thanks so much. I'll definitely list over at some of those site you mentioned. Getnap sounds really reasonable. I've bought some promos over on Fiverr, but haven't really had much result. Maybe spending some money on those four articles would be a better use of my money.