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NEED HELP: Bemob and Clickbank Question


New Member
Hi Guys,

I am having a little trouble when setup my clickbank postback in order to track sales with bemob....

I am already using clickbank template from bemob but I dont know what to do in clickbank.

So here is what I have on clickbank. what should I put in "cid" in order to get the tracking ID


Here I will be showing you my bemob setting for clickbank

Hi Romio,

You will have to set tracking throught instant notification system of ClickBank Follow the procedure below:

Enable Instant Notifications:
Log in to your ClickBank account.
Click the Settings tab.
Click My Site.
Find the Advanced Tools section and click Edit.
Go to Bemob and Click Settings tab
Inside settings tab look for Tracking urls, Scroll to bottom of page you will find clickbank Integration.
Copy Secret Key and Instant Notification Urls.
Go Back to Clickbank
Enter your secret key in the Secret Key field. Your secret key is a string
of up to 16 characters, including numbers and capital letters, that you create.
Your instant notifications will be encrypted using your secret key.
Enter your URL in the Instant Notification URL field.
Click Test to the right of the URL. A test notification is sent with a receipt
of ******** and a transaction type of TEST.
Review the response in the popup window to verify that the test was successful.
Click Save Changes.

This Tracking won't work as there is some problem with bemob and clickbank but here is how you can use it, once you get a sale go into transaction tab in clickbank and copy tid code, go back to bemob click settings and then click upload conversions, paste the code and after a while your conversions will appear inside Bemob ;)
Why's that? I've checked with our support people and they said they've only been approached about incorrect setup in ClickBank / Voluum, not any problems with tracking itself o_O
So if you know of sth, pls share!

Maybe. I know that setting up tracking for Clickbank offers is more complicated so some errors can be made in the process. But these are user specific cases support can help out with. Can't tell you how it is for other trackers though, that's the case for Voluum.
I had the same issues when running Bemob + ClickBank. My workaround was to manually upload the conversions TIDs from my ClickBank Report every day before going through my data-reading routine...An S2S postback would be so much better :D
It's true that ClickBank takes more time to set up tracking with comparing to other affiliate networks. However we have learned how to deal with it)

Contact our support and they provide you with the information about ClickBank tracking settings;)

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