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  1. Honeybadger

    Do you want more clicks? Use this free online tool

    Sharethrough Headline Tool Very helpful but highly addictive I have no affiliation 50 Ways to Boost Your Amazon Affiliate Sales in 2020 - Score: 60/100 99 Ways to Get More Website Traffic - Score: 62/100 How to Get More Website Traffic (for free!)- Score: 63/100 33 Ways to Get More Website...
  2. Romio

    NEED HELP: Bemob and Clickbank Question

    Hi Guys, I am having a little trouble when setup my clickbank postback in order to track sales with bemob.... I am already using clickbank template from bemob but I dont know what to do in clickbank. So here is what I have on clickbank. what should I put in "cid" in order to get the tracking...
  3. S

    Clicks not showing on Affiliate Network

    Hello, I have an issue that is really bothering me. On the add network i have 220,726 impressions which generated 877 clicks. Al these clicks should have bee reported on the affiliate market reports, but only 141 clicks show. I am missing ~700 clicks. From my point of view this is a BIG...
  4. jowel

    Update Nifty Stats – Lotto Revenues, Vertoz Publisher, Big Apple, Clicksor etc

    We add and fix affiliate programs and advertising networks every day to help you create your own statistics about your sales and your expenses for your campaigns. Additionally to the tens of thousands of programs you can track using Nifty Stats we have added the following ones this week...
  5. scroogefrog

    FREE MGid module

    MGID WITH AUTOBAN !FREE! Make free registartion on our website. Choose from services module MGID with autoban and you will recieve datail analyze of your traffic with free autoban ofbots/frauds/fake clicks and etc. We identifies a user by more than 20 features regardless of whether he changed...
  6. scroogefrog

    Protect your advert

    How do you protect your PPC advert from bots and fraud? And also is this (bots and fraud) a popular problem in Affilate Marketing in your country?
  7. scroogefrog

    Do you use some services for blocking fake clicks?

    Do you use some services for blocking fake clicks? If yes, can you please write me some of those that you use? It will be very useful for me to know! Thanks for your attention !
  8. Koro

    1 click wap with big geo?

    Does anyone know wap cpa with good geo?