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Voluum is one of the most popular tracking software in the affiliate marketing world, but don’t take our word for it. Voluum was awarded the best tracker and the best affiliate software by Affiliate fix users for 2019. The fact that subsequent hosted trackers try to imitate its dashboard and tools is evidence enough of its success.

Many pro-affiliates recommend Voluum because of their extensive data analytics. The platform says each visit involves more than 30 data points!

Let’s discuss Voluum’s most prominent tracking features.

Voluum Features​

There are many features that set Voluum apart from the competition when it comes to affiliate tracking tools, but here are a few that really stand out:

Traffic Distribution AI
This intelligent system diverts traffic to the best performing landing pages and offers based on the user’s information. The AI does this by analyzing previous campaign data, so when a new visitor comes in, it sends the visitor to the best path that leads to a higher chance of success. Calculation happens in real time and the weights of each path are adjusted accordingly.

Anti-Fraud System
Fake traffic is one of the biggest concerns in media buying. Not only does it cause you to lose money, but you also lose your reputation as a reliable affiliate marketer. Voluum’s Anti-Fraud Kit looks into suspicious visits, analyzes traffic quality and protects your campaigns from invalid traffic.

Voluum Automizer is a built-in automation feature that lifts off work from affiliates. It allows to seemingly integrate selected traffic sources with Voluum using an API connection. As a result Affiliates are able to create rules that launch predefined actions when conditions are met. It also supports the creation of blacklists & whitelists of various dimensions.

Voluum Academy
There is a bit of a learning curve when first using your Voluum account, such as when adding traffic sources, affiliate networks, and even offers. Which tokens should I include? The learning phase is made easier by Affiliate Academy by Voluum! The Academy is a series of online courses for both beginners & more experienced affiliates. It's led by the creators of an ad tracker trusted by thousands of marketers around the world. And it's FREE!


Voluum Pricing​

Voluum tracking offers three account levels, and these are:
  1. Discover Plan – priced at $62 per month, this level includes one million events, one custom domain and the ability to look into campaigns in Voluum setup three months past. If you pay annually, it will only cost $44 per month.
  2. Profit Plan – priced at $128 per month, this plan accepts three million events, three custom domains and six months of specific campaign history. It also includes the AI Automation and custom notifications. If you pay annually, it will only cost $109 per month.
  3. Grow Plan – the most expensive account level, this plan includes all features in the tracker, plus the Anti-Fraud Kit, 10 million events, five custom domains and one-year data retention. This plan costs $417 per month, but you can get it cheaper when billed annually for only $248 per month.
All of these plans get a discount when you use our affiliatefix Voluum promo page!

If you’d like to see how it works, you can request to explore Voluum for seven days using sample data.

Voluum is a cloud-based tracking solution, which means there is no need to install software on your server. Just choose a plan and start tracking.

Voluum is also a member of the affiliatefix community! You can message @voluum if you have any questions or post in their thread.

Did you know Voluum also has an integrated DSP? Run native traffic from directly within their platform using Voluum DSP!
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Latest reviews

Simply one of the best tracking platforms out there!
I have been using voluum for last 4 months. Now, i am a pro subscriber. I love their interface, easy to understand, easy to optimize campaigns and very accurate data.
I’ve been using the Voluum tracking platform for about 2 weeks now and I have to say it is a brilliant platform but could be so much more (and probably will be in time).

Ease of use

First of its really easy to use you can pull up reports by simply selecting your current campaigns and right clicking, which makes it easy to access drill-down reports. All your statistics are nicely laid out for you and are very easy to read and analyse

Setting up campaigns and custom domains

I found setting up a custom tracking domain straight forward but this is probably because I have set up a sub-domain before but the instructions on setting this up for the first time is clear and easy to understand.

Setting up new offers, landing pages and campaigns is not very hard at all but I feel that the help documentation provided in some areas is very poor and could be better explained there are no videos telling you step by step how to setup your first campaign which I feel would be very useful to some one who has never used a tracking platform before.

Redirects and accurate reporting

Voluum has supper fast 302 redirects (standard http redirects) from my tests about 55 milliseconds depending on your location, however the double meta refresh redirect is not so fast but I spouse this is to be expected as the more redirects you have the longer it takes a visitor to reach your landing page so am not sure this is something that can be improved on or not.

Loading reports is very quick and I haven’t run in to any issues at all when pulling up reports. Missing conversions seems to be the only issue on the reporting side of things. Even after inserting click IDs manually these missing conversions are still not updated in to the tracker it’s not a huge amount roughly about 1 out of 100 conversions don’t seem to record.

There are 2 things I do think they really need to add to the reports and that’s being able to view specific OS versions in drill down reports for example whether a click came from a mobile device running android 2.2 or android 4.1 and being able to view device resolution.

Setting redirect rules

This is probably the only thing that really lets Voluum down for me at the moment; a lot of the newer affiliate tracking platforms like imobitrax and mobaff Tracker allow the user to set redirect rules based on a devices specific browser, ISP and OS, unfortunately Voluum dose not have this feature as of yet.

My final verdict

Voluum is a very good tracking platform and the guys at code wise have done an incredible job however the tracker is young and they still need to add certain capabilities and fix the little bugs in order for it to be an AMAZING tracking platform but there on the right track.