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  1. Hawkins

    Wanting to get started, but ClickBank denied me.

    Hey guys and gals, my name is Hawkins. I want to start affiliate marketing, and was going to try the paid ads route. I found a nice enough guy on reddit that got hugely successful and is willing to give me a crash course. But before I called him, I was wanting to have a ClickBank account...
  2. Latoya

    Trying to sell me.

    In my journey trying to learn on my own, ive joined CPA groups on FB and joined other FREE platforms to get started with this BUT.... every time I ask a question I’m always greeted with “I can help you, BUY My program” it’s like I can’t get started with some wannabe gurus tossing they programs...
  3. Romio

    NEED HELP: Bemob and Clickbank Question

    Hi Guys, I am having a little trouble when setup my clickbank postback in order to track sales with bemob.... I am already using clickbank template from bemob but I dont know what to do in clickbank. So here is what I have on clickbank. what should I put in "cid" in order to get the tracking...
  4. L


    Hi please tell how to make money without a website with clickbank ?
  5. LaboniKhatun

    Earning $1000 Per Week from Clickbank

    My journey is to earn $1000 per week from ClickBank. Jouneys are listed bellow: 1. Earning $50 Per Week - Done 2. Earning $100 Per Week - Done 3. Earning $200 Per week - Done 4. Earning $500 Per week - Pending 5. Earning $1000 Per Week - Pending Please everybody pray for me and my successful...