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Monetize your mobile traffic with WapEmpire!

Discussion in 'Mobile Marketing' started by Daria_WapEmpire, Aug 28, 2015.

  1. Daria_WapEmpire

    Daria_WapEmpire Affiliate Manager Affiliate Manager affiliate

    Dear readers, webmasters, affiliates and everyone who is interested!

    Mobile traffic is something we meet everyday. The more our planet's population is, the more mobile devices appear and the more available they get. The experts say we are going to face total dominance of wap traffic to year 2017. But as a phenomenon it already is our present and we are ready to proudly state it.
    Your websites attract mobile traffic, they really do, and we are aware of both how to monetize it and what the tendencies are. Our up-to-date, honest and profitable affiliate network was made to help you earn in the present on what is still thought to be the future.

    Meet our brainchild WapEmpire – an affiliate network to monetize worldwide mobile traffic.

    With us you will get only the best:

    * Over 800 mobile offers for more than 100 countries and we are still growing! Over 80% of the offers already are exclusive and every day our managers negotiate with advertisers to provide even more.

    * Our own TDS system finds the most appropriate offer for each click. It defines the country of traffic origin, device and connection type (wi-fi or 3g/4g) and very accurately spots Carrier Brand name what is very important feature. To release it for you WapEmpire team has gathered one of the most complete Mobile ISP vs Carrier brand name bases.
    With our TDS you may either choose particular offers to forward your traffic to or forbid those you don't like. The system easily filters the matching traffic to the matching offers and all the other is traffic-backed to the URL of your choice. E.g. all the 3g/4g traffic goes for the wonderful offers and wi-fi is traffic-backed.
    Could one dream of more? Yet, we continue working on TDS to make it even more usable!

    * Traffic arbitrage? Very welcome! We are glad to work with you as much as to advise the most appropriate offers in our base and more. Yes, it's not a mistake, we will do our best to find an offer on your demand. Working exclusively with the advertisers and other sources we do can afford it.

    * Script options to forward your traffic are: htaccess, js redirect, div redirect (transparent full-screen div that redirects traffic to the TDS, we believe it may help to avoid search engine problems)

    * CPA, CPI, CPS pricing models (revshare %)

    * 5% referral program

    * Regular payments twice a month (at the beginning and at the mid of the month). Paypal or Wire, Webmoney, EPESE, Paxum, Payoneer, Ecoin, credit card (Visa, Mastercard), Bitcoin and many more — we will pay exactly the way you wish.
    If you are the affiliate with big values, WapEmpire is always open to discuss special payment terms. Our motto is responsibility and personalized services for the affiliates.

    We add new offers every day, we get more and more affiliates, WapEmpire network gets wider and better to provide honest and quality service. If your website attracts mobile traffic of you work with mobile traffic arbitrage we will help you transfer it into money. Sign up with us, try us, get to know us! We welcome new publishers and believe our partnership to last long and bring cross fertilization.
    We work on close cooperation with the advertisers with no middleman involved which helps to increase payouts. The bigger payouts – the happier our successful affiliates are!

    For your happiness and success is WapEmpire's main goal.

    If any questions, contact us immediately:

    E-mail [email protected]
    Jabber [email protected]
    ICQ 648734446
    Skype we_daria

    E-mail [email protected]
    Jabber [email protected]
    ICQ 656459175
    Skype wedmitry

    WapEmpire - your mobile traffic affiliate network!
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  3. T J Tutor

    T J Tutor Administrator Administrator moderator affiliate

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    Good Luck!

    T J
  4. Ctone51

    Ctone51 Affiliate affiliate

    Thank you for staying on top of these types of promotions. I really like your last sentence and totally agree.

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